Ion Codrescu

Haiku & Sumi-e

a chrysanthemun lights
the darkened garden
all alone

snow melting -
the cat's prints
bigger and bigger

redecorated house -
under the eaves a sparrow
begins its nest

a rotting apple -
on the radio the death
of a great artist

house for sale -
the apricot tree in bloom
as never before

Easter evening -
the old woman gathers
her unsold flowers

on the plate
a dry leaf completes
the design

mother's surprise
dusting the ancient icon -
the toll of a bell

after the concert
clearing the car of snow
not a word is said

cut tree -
the cuckoo's song
is heard no more

rainy day -
a shining pearl
in the dark room

red leaves -
I didn't change
the calendar page

up in the sky
hardly heard, hardly seen:
migrating birds

Ion Codrescu

(Bucharest, 1951) is a poet and sumi-e painter. His graphic works are in private and state collections in many countries. He has also illustrated books and literary magazines. His poems have been published in 11 countries and translated into 8 languages. Codrescu's publications include: Drawings Among Haiku (1992), Constantza Haiku Anthology (1992), L'Abricotier change de visage , (1993), Round the Pond (1994), and Unsold Flowers (1995).

In 1992 he founded the Constantza Haiku Society , the Albatross magazine, and the Constantza International Haiku Festival. He has delivered papers on haiku and read his poems in Romania, France, Germany, England, and the United States.