Antonio Beneyto


Seven days in Paris

In December of 1977 I spent 7 days in Paris, wandering like a flâneur, lost in the city streets, escaping from those ghosts that tried to corner me... that I'm ready to publish this diary-collage, I hurriedly write this note of introduction that can perhaps be used as a pre-drawing or/and a pre-collage... (I remember that in Paris day after day, I used to buy doubles of the same postcard. I don't know the reason for this mania, and I wrote on them, drew on them and manipulated them with tea and coffee. And, at the same time, made a drawing on extra paper that I carry in very frugal belongings.)

Besides the things I say and the ones that I needed to say in the postcards, very little else happened to me. All the more, remember a conversation I had with Severo Sarduy, and I also remember that morning that I went drinking coffee at Arrabal's house. And meeting again with André Pieyre de Mandiargues y Bona followed by a visit to the Jean Chauvelin Gallery where a show of the works of suprematist painters were on exhibit. Or the encounter or misencounter with the poet Henri Michaux... And how not to remember my visit to the second hand book stores, where I found a beautiful and rare demoniac dictionary, that as soon as I arrived in Barcelona, a friend-poet-editor, borrowed it from me and never returned it even after I tried with all means to get it back.

And, I have nothing more to say, except what's in the postcards, the drawings that crawled over my skin like reptiles in those 7 days that I strolled Paris.

December 14, 1977
At the "La Gentil Hommiere" café.

Antonio Beneyto

(La Mancha, Spain, but settled in Barcelona in 1967). Selected Solo Exhibitions 1996: Sales Municipals d'Exposició, Girona · 1995: 3 Punts Gallery Barcelona · Gallery Raquel Ponce, Madrid ·
1993: Museum of Albacete, Spain · 1992: Gallery Can Norat, Girona · Tecla Sala, l'Hospitalet, Barcelona · 1991: Matisse Gallery, Barcelona ·1990: Trindade Gallery, Porto, Portugal · 1989: Koszykowa Gallery, Poland · 1986: 101 Wooster Gallery, Soho, New York · 1985: Monique Picard Gallery, Switzerland · 1982: Dau al Set Gallery, Barcelona.

Beneyto is also the author of Los chicos salvajes, narraciones (1971) · Textos para leer dentro de un espejo morado , cuentos breves (1975) and Cartas Apócrifas (Y otros cuentos) (1994).