Visual Games for Words & Sounds. Hyperpoems for the Macintosh. (Intelibooks, 1993. Diskette). This is a sort of Dada adventure. Caulfield's hyperpoems are also visual poems--poems which are both literature and visual art. And some of them should just be called rhythms or musical poems, because they are closely linked to music. To enjoy these poems the reader may play an active role, close to that of the author. The viewing and reading and listening of these poems, therefore, depends considerably on the curiosity and mood of the reader-author.

Book of XXXIX Steps. A poetry game of discovery and imagination. CD-ROM (Intelibooks, 1999). Version 1. 0 for the Apple Macintosh. Multimedia and design by Servando González. This CD-Rom connects thirty nine links (or steps) of poetry, art, and sound that the reader navigates by passing through windows and doorways, while having the option of investigating individual links more thoroughly, clicking on words or objects in the room.

About the CD-ROM:

"Book of the XXXIX Steps is the finest hyperbook in existence. It is superb!"

—Tobías Winckelmann.

"This Book is a perfect hyper poetic landscape: a visual bonanza of fragmented paintings, collages, illustrations of medieval symbols, photographs of the author and of cats."

—María Archuleta.