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Did the CIA Miss the Arab Spring

By Servando Gonzalez


Our failures are heralded, our successes are unknown.
—CIA’s disinformation bs.

As it has become customary, just a few days after the dominoes began falling in the Middle East, a brouhaha of articles criticizing the CIA exploded, first on the Internet, and later on the government-controlled, sycophantic mainstream media, questioning the efficiency of the Central Intelligence Agency.

In early February 2011, Obama strongly criticized the CIA and other American spy agencies for failing to predict the spreading unrest in the Middle East. According to Mr. Soetoro, the CIA dropped the ball by failing to predict the “Arab Spring.”[1]

Some analysts seem to agree with Obama. One of them stated: “The Arab Spring…was ‘an intelligence disaster for the US’".[2] Others question how the CIA could have missed the evident signs that the Arab Spring was going to explode. But, did the CIA really miss the Arab Spring?

Well, yes and no. However, in order to understand my answer we need to know a little more about the CIA and how it has worked almost since its very creation.

In 1947, President Truman signed the National Security Act that created the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency. Like all aberrant laws signed by American presidents since Wilson’s times, including the Federal Reserve Act, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and the proposed Terrorism Expatriation Act, just to mention a few, the National Security Act was written down at the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan by members of the nefarious Council on Foreign Relations. Like all documents that have emanated from that tainted source, the National Security Council was a Rockefeller baby. It was not written to benefit the American people, but Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations.

As the name indicates, the role of the CIA was not to collect information and produce intelligence, functions that had been carried out independently by the military and naval intelligence as well as the FBI, the Department of State, and other government organizations. Its role was to centralize that intelligence to connect the dots.

The National Security Act gave the National Security Council just advisory, not executive powers. Even more important, it didn’t give the newly created CIA authority to carry out covert operations abroad. But, just a few months later, on December 1947, CFR agents in the National Security Council secretly wrote directive NSC 4-A, making the Director of Central Intelligence responsible for psychological warfare.

Then, less than a year after it was created, the CFR agents in the NSC pushed the envelope even further and illegally assumed executive powers. On June 18, 1948, the National Security Council produced NSC 10-2, a directive that superseded NSC 4-A and was kept secret from the American government and people for many long years. NSC 10-2 authorized the CIA to conduct not only psychological but also all types of covert operations.

Like in Italo Calvino’s novel The Two Halves of The Viscount, the NSC 10-2 virtually divided the CIA into two different organizations. One of them is the evil CIA, in charge of covert operations. This is the one controlled by the bad CFR guys. The other is the good CIA, in charge of collecting and producing intelligence. This is the one where American patriots work hard to protect the interests of the American people.

The bad one is the CIA that overthrew Mossadegh, Arbenz, Nixon and Allende; the CIA that betrayed the Cuban invaders at the Bay of Pigs; the CIA that spied on Americans; the CIA that experimented with psychotropic drugs and mind control on unaware U.S. citizens; the CIA that sabotaged Powers’ U-2; the CIA that assassinated Lumumba, and perhaps even John F. Kennedy and William Colby.

This is the bad CIA that helped Nazi war criminals escape from justice and even put some of them on its payroll, the CIA that brought drugs to the ghettos, the water boarding CIA. In synthesis, the CIA of the Directorate of Special Operations, the CIA’s covert action arm.

This, which I would call CIA B, is the one working hard to advance and protect the interests of U.S. Government B, that is, the illegal invisible government of the United States under the control of a Mafia of Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations agglutinated in the Council of Foreign Relations.

In contrast, the other one is the good CIA where patriotic Americans anonymously do their daily jobs, under the false assumption that they are working for an organization whose goal is defending and protecting the American people.

This is the CIA that forecasted the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the CIA that predicted that the Soviets would not deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1962,[3] the CIA that alerted the government about the upcoming 9/11 attack, but nobody paid attention, the CIA that discovered that there were no WMDs in Iraq and was unmercifully defamed. This is the CIA of the Directorate of Intelligence, the CIA working hard to accomplish the mission expressed in the National Security Act of 1947. In synthesis, this is CIA A, working for American people.

The traitorous CIA B is centered on the Director’s Office and the Directorate of Special Operations, while the patriotic CIA A is centered on the Directorate of Intelligence.

Unfortunately, as the result of an enormous disinformation campaign made possible thanks to the CFR conspirators’ control over the mainstream media, most anti-CIA books and articles have been written about the good CIA A guys, who are usually depicted as unfaithful dissidents bordering on treason. In contrast, most of the pro-CIA books and articles are about the bad CIA B guys, the traitors who are disingenuously described as all-American heroes.

The fact of the existence of these two different CIAs is of cardinal importance to understand something puzzling about the Central Intelligence agency.

The main reason given to the American public for the creation of the CIA was because we needed a new intelligence agency to coordinate all the intelligence agencies to avoid Pearl Harbor-like “surprises.” The generalized opinion was that, though all the signs were clearly pointing to a Japanese attack, the different intelligence agencies failed to connect the dots due to lack of interagency coordination. Yet, if one is to believe the CIA’s critics, since its very creation, over and over the CIA has been taken by surprise by events it didn’t foresee.

The Bogotazo riots in Colombia in 1948, the Soviets launching the Sputnik in 1957, Castro grabbing power in Cuba in 1959, the Bay of Pigs debacle in 1961, the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the coup that deposed Nikita Khrushchev in 1964, the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, the attack launched by Egypt and Syria against Israel in 1973, Castro’s invasion of Angola in 1975, the fall of the Shah in Iran in 1979, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, India’s testing of a nuclear bomb in 1998, and the events of September 11, 2001, just to mention a few, are cases in which the CIA was allegedly caught asleep at the wheel.

However, if one studies in detail every single one of these cases where the CIA allegedly failed to alert the U.S. government about the possibility of an important event, one can find that, on the contrary, CIA analysts did their job right, but nobody paid attention. The excuse developed by the CFR conspirators to justify these failures is that, though the CIA and other intelligence agencies provided the intelligence, they failed to connect the dots.

But a simple analysis of the CIA’s intelligence “failures”, shows that they seamlessly dovetail with the CFR conspirators’ successes. Indeed, most of the international political goals of the CFR conspirators have been reached thanks to the CIA’s alleged “intelligence failures.” This may be the reason why after every alleged “failure” nobody in the CIA is ever disciplined, let alone fired.

Therefore, one can safely reach the conclusion that the CIA A failed to connect the dots because the lines connecting the dots pointed to treason at he highest levels of the U.S. government. And the CIA B itself has been complicit in most of these acts of treason.

Contrary to the disinformers’ claims, far from accumulating failures, the CIA has always been one of the most successful tools used by the conspirators entrenched in the Council on Foreign Relations in the pursuit of their hidden goal: the creation of a communo-fascist global government controlled by Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and multinational corporations: the New World Order.

Now, you have to be either very naïve or totally brainwashed by the mainstream media to believe for a moment that the so-called “Arab Spring” was a spontaneous upheaval of young people using cell phones and the Internet to rebel against corrupt, authoritarian governments. On the contrary, it has all the tell tale signs of a carefully planned covert operation. As such, it is not far-fetched to suspect that the CIA B was behind the whole covert operation.



[1] Dylan Evans, “The Arab Spring and the CIA – One Year On.” The Huffington Post,

[2] Michael Scheuer, The Guardian, August 28, 2011.

[3] Contrary to common belief, the fact that the Soviets deployed intermediate range nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1962 has never been proved. See, Servando Gonzalez, The Nuclear Deception: Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban-born American writer, semiologist and intelligence analyst. He has written books, essays and articles on Latin American history, intelligence, espionage, and semiotics. Servando is the author of Historia herética de la revolución fidelista, The Secret Fidel Castro, The Nuclear Deception and La madre de todas las conspiraciones, all available at

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