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Barack Obama: Commander-in-Thief

By Servando Gonzalez

Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved.


A faithful translation from Washingtonspeak into plain English, shows that the Commander-in-Thief and his accomplices in the Congress are convinced that we do not have an expending, but a stealing problem. This explains why the Commander-in-Thief and his partners in highway robbery want to steal even more from you and me. As usual, the corrupt liars that govern us euphemistically call this type of theft “taxes.”

Granted, the cost of living has increased dramatically in the last twenty years. Luxury cars and yachts, not to mention private jets and mansions, have doubled and even tripled its cost. Living like a millionaire billionaire has become very expensive. No wonder the leeches need more money. Proof of it is the generosity the Commander-in-Thief has shown by giving Wall Street banksters, oil robber barons and CEOs of non-American (that is, global) corporations plenty of cash thinly disguised as bailouts.

But Wall Street banksters and oil robber barons have proven to have very creative minds, and they found in the Commander-in-Thief the right person for the job. Obama is a sort of Robin Hood with crossed off cables: He steals money from the poor to give it to the hyper rich — while keeping a percentage for himself. No wonder the number of billionaires in America has grown so fast in the last two years, only surpassed by the number of poor working people — that is, employed people who work 12 hours a day seven days a week and still can’t make ends meet.

Has the U.S. become a front for the Wall Street Mafia?[1] Well, it has been for more than a century. The only difference is that now it has become so obvious that only brainwashed Democratic “progressives” and Republican “conservatives” cannot see it.[2] Nevertheless, as the saying goes, there is no better blind man than the one who doesn’t want to see.

Adding insult to injury, during the daily soap opera the CFR-controlled mainstream press called the “debt debate,” Obama threatened to stop writing Social Security checks. He didn’t threaten the bankers by saying he was going to stop giving them bailout money. He threatened retirees. It seems that he ignores the fact that Social Security money is not government money. It is money forcefully stolen from the workers’ paychecks and, at least theoretically, belongs to them, not to the government.

The Commander-in-Thief and his Wall Street puppeteers are robbing us blind. There are persistent rumors that the country’s gold reserves at Fort Knox have mysteriously evaporated[3] — that is why the banksters refuse to audit it. Close to 2.3 trillion dollars (trillions, with a “t”) disappeared at the Pentagon, and nobody cares.[4] Politicians are stealing as if there is no tomorrow. Do they know something we don’t? Are they preparing themselves to survive the economic Armageddon they themselves have created?

Traditionally, gullible and self-righteous Americans are probably the only people in the world who can get shocked after realizing that their political leaders are nothing but a bunch of thieves and liars. It seems, however, that this attitude is changing fast. Recent opinion polls show that close to half the American people are convinced that the politicians in Congress are corrupt. Eighty-five percent of voters think most members of Congress are more interested in helping their own careers than in helping the American people,[5] a perception that is very close to the reality.

On the other hand, sixty-one percent wrongly believe that the legislators they elected are doing a poor job. Actually, they are doing an excellent job ... on behalf of the people who paved with their money the roads for their election. The sad fact is that most members of Congress, in cahoots with the Wall Street Mafia, oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations are robbing us blind.[6] Many of them have become millionaires overnight.[7]

Are all members of Congress corrupt thieves? Of course not. Nevertheless, most likely you have more fingers on your right hand than you need to count the ones who are not.

A few months after the last election, some Republican politicians elected with the full support of the Tea Party claimed that their ultimate goal was changing the political culture in Washington D.C. The result of the recent debt limits pseudo debate shows that they have reached their cherished goal. The political culture in Washington has already changed: it is now more shamelessly corrupt than ever before.

What about the battle in Congress on debt limits? As all similar battles, it was pre-arranged before. This one was a little more credible only because a few of the Republicans elected with the support of the Tea Party movement were still true idealists and patriots who had not yet been corrupted and bought by the banksters money. But, as always happens, sooner or later they will be bought, and the recent deal is a big step in that direction. And the ones who refused to be bought will be ignored. And the ones who keep trying to overturn the apple cart will be thrown out of Congress. And the ones who can’t be legally thrown out of Congress will be politically destroyed by the mainstream press through manufactured scandals or, as a last resort, terminated with extreme prejudice by CIA assassins.

It has been said that the only thing that does not change is change itself. The recent Congressional soap opera has shown, however, that the only thing that does not change in Washington is lack of change. The more they claim it has changed, the more it remains the same.



[1] More on the Wall Street Mafia in a coming article.

[2] Recent proof of the widespread corruption prevailing at the highest echelons of power in the US is that six of Obama’s nominees for senior positions in his government were tax cheats, including Timothy Geithner who, in spite of this, was eventually appointed as Secretary of the Treasure. A true case of the fox taking care of the chickens.

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