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Farah’s Inconsistencies
WorldNetDaily’s Editor Speaks with Forked Tongue

By Servando Gonzalez (2008)

One of the latest pieces by Joseph Farah, Editor of WorldNetDaily, is a hateful diatribe against Lew Rockwell, Editor of According to Farah, Rockwell is an anti-American of the worst type, who tells “vitriolic lies about America.”

What are, according to Farah, Rockwell’s anti-American vitriolic lies? Let’s see what Rockwell wrote:

"Once again, Ron is the only man in the House of Unrepresentatives not to take the pro-war, CIA line. He refuses to do what is constitutionally none of the U.S. government's business: intervene in China. He is also keenly aware of the irony of a murderous empire that has killed 1 million civilians in Iraq alone, in order to maintain its subjugation, criticizing anyone else."

(I took the Rockwell quote directly from Farah’s article,"Off the deep end.")

Well, either my English is more deficient than I think or I am missing something here. Let me read again “… a murderous empire that has killed 1 million civilians in Iraq alone, in order to maintain its subjugation, criticizing anyone else." Apparently Farah’s subconscious mind is playing tricks on him, because, as you see, there is no mention of the United States of America in that text.

Of course, Rockwell is referring to an empire that, just by chance, until now has been based on the USA, but soon it will be based on the North American Union and, eventually, on the American Union as a previous step to include the whole world in what the conspirators who control it euphemistically call the New World Order. If Farah does not know what the North American Union, the American Union, or the New World Order are, I suggest him to read WorldNetDaily, particularly the Letters to the Editor section.

Actually, the criminal empire Rockwell refers to is the one controlled by an elite of Wall Street bankers, oil magnates, and transnational corporations that, using Fabian (or Gramscian) techniques of infiltration has managed to get full control over the U.S. Government and is using it to advance their own, secret comuno-fascist totalitarian agenda. Unfortunately, most of the world hates us, the American citizens, for the atrocities these small elite has committed and is currently perpetrating.

This Wall Street mafia of bankers and their secret agents infiltrated in the U.S. Government, not Lew Rockwell, are the true haters of America. They are the ones telling vitriolic lies about America. They are the ones who plan to destroy America. They are America’s worst enemy.

In a 2003 article, “The pending demise of WorldNetDaily?,” Tom Ambrose, commentary editor of WND, criticizes the critics by arguing that the site is an independent news site publishing viewpoints from all over the political spectrum. I have no objection to this. Disagreement is part of the democratic, civilized way of living. Contradictory points of view among different individuals is a strong evidence of freedom and a very healthy feature of a democratic republic.

What is not acceptable, however, is contradictory points of view expressed by the same individual. This is precisely why most people don’t like politicians like the three ones now running for the presidency of this country. And most people don’t like them because inconsistency is the mark of the opportunist and the liar. Unfortunately, inconsistency is precisely what has characterized Mr. Farah’s thinking of lately.

For example, like many WorldNetDaily readers familiar with Farah’s articles, I expected he was going to support Ron Paul, because most of Paul’s political position agreed with most of Farah’s expressed position. But, surprisingly, Farah did an unexplainable about face and wrote “Earmark this, Ron Paul!,” a vitriolic, hateful article against Ron Paul. In my eyes, with that article Farah lost all credibility. More intriguing, he published it after the media, particularly the Republican “conservative” media, had started a take-no-prisoners war against Paul. After reading this article I dropped Farah in the same trash can I put Pat Robertson after expressing his support for Rudi Giuliani and Richard Mellon Scaife after showing his sympathy for Hillary Clinton.

In another article, “Why Ron Paul is disqualified,” Farah claimed that he did not support Ron Paul because “Paul essentially calls for running up the white flag of surrender to an enemy that seeks America's destruction.” Apparently Farah is a believer in conspiracy theories -- particularly the ones advanced by the Bush administration --, because actually Paul was calling for a fight against the worst enemies of America: the Wall Street bankers and their secret agents of the Council on Foreign Relations. Ron Paul intended to bring the U.S. Army back to America, where it belongs, to help us defend ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Farah claims that Lew Rockwell hates America, which implies that he, Farah, the super patriot, loves America. The problem with that view is that, now more than ever, it has become evident that there are two Americas. Like many Americans, I hate the murderous empire that, under the control of the Wall Street bankers, is hiding behind the façade of the United States of America. These bankers, not Lew Rockwell or Ron Paul, are the ones conspiring in the shadows to destroy America.

For obvious reasons, I cannot call current America under the Bush regime, like Farah does, the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known. The country that was a beacon of liberty and freedom is rapidly becoming a totalitarian comuno-fascist dictatorship. Having lived under a democracy, a dictatorship, and a totalitarian dictatorship (in that order), I have a first hand experience, and I know very well the differences. And, frankly, this America Farah loves so much scares the hell out of me.

Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban-born American author. Among his books are The Secret Fidel Castro: Deconstructing the Symbol, The Nuclear Deception: Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis, and La madre de todas las conspiraciones: una novela de ideas subversivas [The Mother of All Conspiracies: A Novel of Subversive Ideas – in Spanish].

“Treason in America: The Council of Foreign Relations,” the first documentary program of the series TruthLies with Servando Gonzalez, just appeared, and is currently available at



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