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A Fascist America?

Por Servando González

Copyright © 200, por Servando González. Todos los derechos reservados.


This book is an excellent piece of disinformation by a professional of the trade.

Made no mistake. Wolf is no fool. She is a Rhodes scholar, and she knows exactly what she is doing. She is playing to perfection the role of the Judas sheep, guiding the gullible flock to the slaughterhouse. Apparently she ignores that, eventually, the Judas sheep is also slaughtered.

The problem with her book is that everything she says about America’s fast track on the road to fascism is right. But, by sending her readers on the wrong track, she is actually helping the plans of the true implementers of Fascism in America.

In the first place, she blames Mr. W. Bush for the present state of things. But, like most American presidents before him, including his father and his buddy Bill Clinton, W. Bush is just a puppet in the hands of the people who really control America. At least we should thank W. Bush for making it so evident.

If you still doubt that he is a puppet, just watch a couple of times the infamous video in which he is reading at a school in Florida after he was given the news of the World Trade Center attack. Apparently nobody cared about telling him the plan in advance -- or all the details of the operation.

Secondly, Ms. Wolf disinforms the readers when she paints Fascism as a phenomenon of the Right. Actually the Nazi movement, one of the most rabid forms of Fascism the world has known, began as a movement of the Left -- The German National Socialist Party (Nazi) was an offshoot of the German’s Worker Party.

More important, in an act of selective blindness, Wolf forgets to mention probably the most important step taken by all totalitarian regimes on their way to implement fascism: registration, confiscation and banning of firearms in the hands of the citizens. Actually, this step is always implemented before the ones she mentions.

Of course, like most pseudo-leftists, Wolf is for gun control, or, better expressed, for selective gun control, that is leaving the guns only in the hands of the criminals (including government’s thugs), the police, paramilitary, and the military. This will guarantee that the citizens cannot defend themselves.

Actually Mr. Bush has taken small steps in the implementation of the coming comuno-fascist totalitarian dictatorship in America -- the one the people who really control this country euphemistically call the New World Order. But he has taken large steps in creating the laws that will make it legal for the next president to fully implement it. Therefore, the next president will have no need to pass any new laws, but only enforce the ones created by Mr. Bush.

And that president will be a member of the Democratic Party -- unless honest Americans from all the political spectrum wake up from their media-induced dream, of which this book is part -- and decide to stop this sinister plan before it is too late.




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