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Gay Marriage II. Another PSYOP in the Making?

By Servando Gonzalez

Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved.

According to a recent Associated Press report,

After days of contentious negotiations and last-minute reversals by two Republican senators, New York became the sixth and largest state in the country to legalize gay marriage, breathing life into the national gay rights movement that had stalled over a nearly identical bill here two years ago. Pending any court challenges, legal gay marriages can begin in New York by late July after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed his bill into law just before midnight Friday.[1]

One of the most unexplainable things about American gays is their desire to get married in a country where less and less heterosexual couples are getting married and the institution of marriage is in decline. A recently published study by the Pew Research Center, mentions a survey done in association with Time magazine. Of 2,691 Americans interviewed, four in 10 think marriage is becoming obsolete. This represents an 11 percent jump since 1978, when Time asked the same question.[2]

Another difficult to understand thing is that this uncontrollable desire usually flashes before a presidential election, and quietly fades after it. As if on cue, this time it has begun just before the first Republican presidential debate.

The answer to the mystery is that gay marriage has nothing to do with human rights. It is just another psychological warfare operation (PSYOP) designed by the Wall Street conspirators to carry out their plans.

This does not mean that most homosexual couples that married or wanted to do it are consciously supporting the PSYOP. On the contrary, I think that most of them are well intentioned and sincerely believe they are trying to exercise a right that had been denied to them.[3] Nevertheless, like in all psychological warfare operations, the brainwashing works not only in the minds of the target population, but also in the minds of the ones who unwittingly are part of the PSYOP. Like, Oswald, Sirham, and the Muslims who participated in the 9/11 false flag operation, most of the homosexuals who rushed to San Francisco City Hall in 2003 to get married played the role of patsies — the necessary useful fools.

One of the main reasons offered by gays for their uncontrollable desire to be legally married is that currently they are discriminated because they don’t have the rights to health care and other benefits that married heterosexual couples have. However, this argument doesn’t hold water, because a growing number of companies are currently giving non-married homosexual couples the same rights as married heterosexual couples. On the contrary, for some unexplainable reasons, these very same companies keep discriminating against non-married heterosexual couples and don’t extend those benefits to them.

As a matter of fact, the ones really discriminated are hundred of thousands of non-married heterosexual couples who don’t receive the benefits given both to married heterosexual couples and unmarried homosexual couples, but they don’t run to City Hall to get married. On the other hand, they may be happy for not paying the marriage tax penalty[4] — another reason why it is difficult to understand the gay couples’ uncontrollable impulse to getting married.

A clue, however, is that, as I mentioned above, this uncontrollable impulse always flashes out before a presidential election. In order to understand why, however, we must begin by understanding that, contrary to its claims, the gay movement is actually a political movement, not a social one.

In their book, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s, a plan for a veritable PSYOP intended to legitimize the gay movement, authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen advice, “wherever possible come out.”[5] But there is nothing sexual in coming out. Actually, coming out is a political statement, and this proves the fact that the gay movement is actually a political movement cleverly disguised as a social one.[6]

The bottom line is that a gay is not just a homosexual, but also a militant homosexual who supports the goals of the gay movement. By the way, thousands of American homosexuals, including many who mistakenly call themselves “gay,” didn’t fall in the trap, and chose to stay in the closet.

The 2003 Gay Marriage PSYOP

In 2003, the Council on Foreign Relations conspirators changed their plans to appoint Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States and decided to keep George W. Bush in the White House for four more years. But Bush’s disastrous policies had won the dissatisfaction of most of his conservative base in the Republican Party, particularly among Southern Christians. So, they conceived a PSYOP. As if on cue, San Francisco gays fell their pre-election uncontrollable urge to get married, and all hell broke loose —its flames conveniently fanned by the mainstream media and some CFR-controlled evangelical pastors.

As the typical result of this Hegelian-type PSYOP, the scared conservatives were easily duped, and reluctantly chose Bush again as the lesser of two evils.[7] Soon after, the frantic gay-marriage advocates calmed down and dug back in their holes like cicadas waiting for the next presidential election. A few months later somebody discovered that San Francisco’s pro-gay mayor Gavin Newsom, the man who supported the whole charade, had been a contributor to Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign.[8]

By the way, I am not the only one who has suspected something fishy about Mr. Newsom’s decision in February 2004 to open City Hall to thousands of gay weddings. Actually, it became a subject of considerable debate among Democrats. Some in the party were suggesting even before the election that Mr. Newsom had played into President Bush’s game plan by inviting a showdown on the divisive same-sex-marriage issue.

Most of these talks were kept behind closed doors. Nevertheless, when Senator Dianne Feinstein, a fellow Democrat and Newsom supporter, answered a question about the subject at a news conference outside her San Francisco home, the prickly discussion spilled into the open and the cat was out of the bag. After Bush had been reelected in 2004, Feinstein was asked her opinion about the same-sex marriages in 2004, and she immediately blamed San Francisco’s mayor Gavin Newsom for the Democrat’s defeat. According to Senator Feinstein, “I believe it did energize a very conservative vote. It gave them a position to rally around. The whole issue has been too much, too fast, too soon.”[9]

Feinstein was not an isolated case. Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, an openly gay member of Congress, also disagreed with Newsom. Mr. Frank was opposed to the San Francisco weddings from the start and told it to Mr. Newsom before the ceremonies began. He urged the mayor to follow the Massachusetts path, which involved winning approval for the marriages in court before issuing licenses.

Mr. Frank concluded that mayor Newsom had helped to galvanize Mr. Bush’s conservative supporters in those states by playing into people’s fears of same-sex weddings. “The thing that agitated people were the mass weddings,” he said, adding, “It was a mistake in San Francisco compounded by people in Oregon, New Mexico and New York. What it did was to provoke a lot of fears.”[10]

The self-described “radical anti-capitalist queer group” Gay Shame went a step further, and attacked Newsom, both physically and verbally, for his gay marriage decision. The first time, they attacked him with pipes and sticks during the Gay Pride parade. Later they expressed their disgust with both Newsom and the San Francisco gay community, calling them “sell-outs” for backing Newsom’s opening of gays to marriage — which they called “the central institution of that misogynist, racist system of domination and oppression known as heterosexuality.”[11] Though their actions may be questionable, from their point of view their logic is unbeatable.

Playing his scripted part on the gay marriage PSYOP, as the 2004 election approached, George W. Bush began distancing himself from the gay community — despite the fact that he got an estimated 25% of the gay vote in 2000 — while, at the same time, embracing the four million southern evangelicals, most of whom didn’t vote for him in 2000 and made the election a cliffhanger.

In an article she wrote for, Joan Walsh summarized the angry reaction to the gay marriage event by some gays and Democrats who were not part of the PSYOP. Newsom’s decision to allow 4,000-plus gay couples to marry in February, before he was stopped by the courts, irritated many fellow Democrats, who feared he’d handed a perfect wedge issue to President Bush. Some party leaders even blamed Newsom for Bush’s sudden speedup of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

The Coming 2112 Presidential Election

In the first place, we must keep in mind that we, the American people, do not elect our leaders anymore: the CFR conspirators do it for us. The elections are just smoke and mirrors to fool the gullible sheeple into believing that they can control the government through the power of their votes.
Nevertheless, contrary to professional revolutionaries like Lenin, Hitler, Mao or Castro, most of the conspirators at the CFR’s inner core are physical cowards, who have never fought in the wars and revolutions they have artificially created. Even more important, despite all their power and money the conspirators are not all-powerful gods.

Granted, the conspirators are very strong, but they are not so strong that all resistance is futile. Their plans are not perfect and sometimes fail miserably. As political analyst Adrian Salbuchi rightly pointed out,

They have many weak points: internal dissent, serious miscalculations, omissions, mistakes, errors, oversights, sloth, ignorance, at times stupidity, pride that always comes before the fall. At times they often seem to shoot themselves in the foot.[13]

For example, Obama’s health care plan — whose main purpose is creating a Nazi-like, CFR-controlled army of thugs to oppose American patriots — has failed miserably as a Hegelian PSYOP. Its antithesis was an artificially created flu epidemic that was going to be used to terrorize the American public into accepting the health plan as the lesser of two evils. The main reason why the PSYOP failed was because a large part of the American people never believed the threat. Many of them even refused to take the vaccines that allegedly were going to save them from certain death.

The Global warming PSYOP has also failed miserably. It is becoming obvious that Gaia betrayed the conspirators, and their failure is the direct result of plain stupidity. If, instead of global warming, they had focused their campaign since the very beginning on climate change, that would have fooled most of us, because it is evident that, as it has happened since the beginnings of time, we are approaching a big global climate change, though not caused by human activity. Nevertheless, they made the mistake of believing their own lies, and got caught in their own trap.

The fact that the conspirators’ plans are failing, and that they are scared of the growing dissidence among their ranks — the rats are the first ones to escape from a sinking ship — was acknowledged by none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski. Speaking at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting in Montreal early last year, he warned that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one-world government.[14]

The global political awakening Brzezinski is scared about is the result of the extended access to alternative, non-controlled media, mostly through the Internet. Actually the two more important stumbling blocks the globalist conspirators have in their road to total power are the Internet and the people’s private ownership of guns. Consequently, if they are to succeed, first they have to eliminate both easy access to the Internet and guns in the hands of the people.

Eliminating the Internet threat is relatively easy, and could be accomplished by a Democratic president. A false flag operation in the form of a devastating cyberattack would be the excuse that will justify strict control over publication and access to the Internet.

However, registration and eventual confiscation of guns, mostly in the hands of conservative Republicans, is a little more difficult, and only a Republican president can fool the Republican sheeple without provoking an all out, bloody rebellion. The most likely pretext for gun confiscation may be a false flag PSYOP in the form of a devastating terrorist attack in the continental US.

One may argue that a terrorist attack could not lead to gun confiscation since it will be precisely at that moment when the people would need guns more than ever. But gullible Americans who accepted the far-fetched theory of second hand smoking can accept any cock-and-bull story, provided that its source is the government. The need that will make gullible Republicans to accept the confiscation of their guns would be “national defense” — whatever that means.

Of lately, a name seems to be gaining popularity among Republicans, even though he didn’t participate in the presidential debate: Texas governor Rick Perry. Despite his official Republican affiliation, Perry is a globalist in the closet, fully in the hands of the CFR conspirators.

Currently the CFR conspirators are working in the final stages of the elimination of the United States of America as a sovereign nation, as an important part of the creation of a New World Order. In this final run for the implementation of the totalitarian communo-fascist New World Order they envision, they cannot afford to run any risks. They cannot afford a president like Reagan or Nixon, who, despite being under their control, took some independent actions. Much less they want a president like John F. Kennedy, who threatened the power of the Federal Reserve Bank.

For this crucial phase of their plan, they need in the White House a person they can fully trust, a power-thirsty psychopath — a Hitler, a Stalin, a Castro — who cannot sway or hesitate when the time comes for him to take the drastic decisions that this moment will require. It does not seem that Obama is up to the task. Is Rick Perry the right person for the job, or are they going to go back to step one and put Hillary in the White House?

Anyway, if Perry finally announces his bid for the White House,[15] and in the coming months he begins showing his displeasure for gay marriage, that will be a strong sign that another gay marriage PSYOP is in the making. Let’s wait and see.



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[3]. Personally, I don’t think the government, much less the federal government, should have any role whatsoever in deciding which citizens have the right to marry and which don’t. A marriage is a contract between free people. If people don’t belong to the state, the state should not have any role in the contract.

On the other hand, accepting that marriage is something other than the condition of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship opens a Pandora’s box of unlooked-for consequences. It will automatically legalize many other types of marriage, e.g., the marriage of two, three or many men, two, three or many woman, several women and several men, three women and a horse, . . . well, just use your imagination. The list can be very long.

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