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Newt Gingrich Liberating Cuba? Thanks, But No Thanks!

By Servando Gonzalez

A few days ago Newt Gingrich, the Republican genius par excellence, surprised his Hispanic followers in Florida when he announced his clever scheme to liberate Cuba from Castro’s tyranny: He will flood the island with a tsunami of cell phones.

According to Newt, flooding the communist-ruled island — actually, it is a fascist-ruled island, but that will be the subject of another article — with cell phone cameras will allow the population to film Castro’s repressive forces at work in order to discourage repression.

Proving that he is not a wimp, but a true macho man, Newt went further and told the mesmerized audience that his action will show,

The moral force of an American president who's seriously intending to free the people of Cuba and the willingness to intimidate those who would be oppressors by saying to them in advance: you will be held accountable.

Newt is right on the money. As everybody and his uncle knows, American presidents have always managed to hold accountable those who have committed crimes against the American people. Recent examples of this are … well … humm ... let me think ... well, you know, there are many examples.

Unfortunately, contrary to the Bushes, the Clintons and Obama, Castro is not a newcomer in the totalitarian business, and has worked hard planning fot that type of eventuality. Many years before nice American cops began beating the shit out of American citizens for filming them in action, Castro had already implemented the practice in Cuba, and it has worked without a glitch.

As an added measure, since the days of the Mariel boatlift of 1980, Castro created the Brigadas de Acción Rápida (Rapid Action Brigades), groups of government-paid thugs similar to Hitler’s SA troops, whose only role is to harass and attack dissidents. They have been particularly successful in beating up the Ladies in White, small groups of unarmed, inoffensive women who have brought to the street their complaints about the abuses of the Castro regime.

Way before CFR agents Joe Lieberman, Jay Rockefeller and Olympia Snowe mentioned their Internet “kill switch” plan, Castro had taken measures to have a total control over the Web. Access to the Internet in Cuba is a privilege (actually the Cuban people have no rights at all) only granted to government employees with a special ID authorizing them to surf the web.

In the same fashion, many years before the American government had the idea, Castro implemented in Cuba a total censorship — Granma, Cuba's main newspaper, is a carbon-copy of the New York Pravda, ß∑repeating only government propaganda —, and Cubans have very limited access to cell phones because the government has total control over the carriers. So, unless Newt plans to drop the cell phones in Cuba glued to assault rifles and grenade launchers, the trick will not work.

Moreover, if Newt thinks that the CIA will orchestrate a “spontaneous” Arab Spring-style revolution in Cuba, he needs a reality check. Both the CIA and its CFR masters have always been very Castro-friendly, and Dr. Castro have paid the favor by providing them with the prescription drug they love: creating plenty of furious anti-American enemies all around the world. That’s the reason why they are so thankful to Castro and love him so much that have allowed him to live more than 60 years undisturbed just 90 miles from American shores.

Newt didn’t say how he plans to drop the cell phones in Cuba, but one of my confidential sources at the Pentagon told me that they will use Nazi-made flying saucers manned by some of the aliens living the dolce vita at the super-secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico, so they will be undetected by Cuban radars.

I seized the opportunity and asked my source about the rumor that Obama is actually an Iknathon clone. He answered that, though he had heard the rumor, has been unable to confirm it. But, he added, knowing the incredible projects these people are carrying out at Dulce and other secret underground research labs, he would not discount the possibility.


Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban-born American writer, semiologist and intelligence analyst. He has written books, essays and articles on Latin American history, intelligence, espionage, and semiotics. Servando is the author of Historia herética de la revolución fidelista, The Secret Fidel Castro, The Nuclear Deception and La madre de todas las conspiraciones, all available at

He also hosted the documentaries Treason in America: The Council on Foreign Relations and Partners in Treason: The CFR-CIA-Castro Connection, produced by Xzault Media Group of San Leandro, California, both available at the author's site at

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