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The Global Warming PsyOp - Part I

By Servando Gonzalez

By Servando Gonzalez

Recently, the odyssey of the Akademik Shokalskiy, a ship trapped by ice in Antarctica, has been part of the daily news until they finally were rescued. The ship was carrying a group of pseudo-scientists whose goal was to prove that global warming is real.[1] The story is so surrealistic that it has become the butt of innumerable jokes.

The theory that planet Earth is approaching a global warning cycle has been fed to us on a daily basis for the last twenty years as a proven scientific fact. As early as December, 2007, Al Gore, quoting some “serious” scientists, predicted Arctic ice-free summers by 2013.[2] Fortunately, what we have been experiencing, though, is not an artic-free summer, but a Gore-free world. Suddenly, Mr. Gore has disappeared from the news.

Of course, the force behind global warming and the rest of the PsyWars against the American people is composed of oil magnates, world bankers and transnational corporations ensconced at the Council on Foreign Relations and the organizations they control. Now, one may ask, why the CFR conspirators have been so interested in selling us a totally false, ridiculous theory? The explanation lays both in their secret goals and in their subtle ways to reach them.

Ultimately, the two goals of the New World Order conspirators are the elimination of 85 percent of the world’s population and the reduction of the survivors to pre-industrial levels of consumption; that is depopulation and deindustrialization. Once we realize what the two main goals of the conspirators really are, it becomes evident that all the big themes overtly and covertly promoted by the conspirators since the 1960s can be reduced to reaching two goals: population elimination and consumption reduction.

But one has to keep in mind that, despite of the fact that they are communo-fascists at heart, their methodology to reach their goals is different. Contrary to the overt, violent revolution advised by communists such as Marx, Lenin, and fascists such as Mussolini or Hitler, the new American Revolution has been a disguised, covert one. The new American Revolution has not used (at least, not yet) guns and cannons to enforce its rule, but stealth, cunning, deception, lies, gradual infiltration and psychological warfare.

Though the ideology of the globalists who conspire behind our backs to impose it upon the rest of us is a mixture of fascism and communism, which they euphemistically call the New World Order, the techniques they are using to implement it are not the ones preferred by Fascists or Communists, but have been copied from the British Fabians.

The British Fabians advocate communism as conceived by Karl Marx,[3] but, contrary to Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and other Communist ideologues, they believed that the right way to do it was gradually, by infiltration, capturing the existing institutions from inside and putting them to work for their goals. No wonder the symbol of the Fabians is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.[4]

So, in order to convince us that killing our children[5] and becoming dirty poor is good for us, they created the fiction that it was the only way to save the planet. Either we save Gaia, or Gaia will kill all of us! What we have experiencing is nothing but a massive brainwashing campaign, a veritable PSYOP, to convince us that the sky is falling and we are the ones to blame for it.

The massive practice of abortion and extended use of contraceptives, the promotion of homosexuality, the artificial creation of wars, terrorism and violent conflicts, the instigation of fratricidal and religious wars, the control and restriction of alimentary sources in Africa and Latin America, the prohibition of the use of DDT in Africa and other underdeveloped countries —which resulted in less productive crops, the reappearance of malaria and the death of millions of people—, the poisoning of our water and food, and the creation and dissemination of bacteriological warfare agents (most likely the AIDS virus was one of them), just to mention a few, are measures directly linked to this goal of population reduction.

On the other hand, the bankrolling of the religious left to promote environmentalism, sustainability[6] and New Age religious beliefs, as well as the promotion of scientific fallacies like global warming, the opposition to the exploitation of new oil reserves and the creation of new oil refineries and nuclear plants, is directed at the destruction of the energy base in which the industrial revolution is based. Without that energy base, a drastic reduction in consumption to pre-industrial, medieval levels will occur automatically.

Curtailing these energy resources is the first step in the implementation of the neo-feudal society the conspirators envision for the rest of us. It is highly revealing that both American “progressive” leftists and the most reactionary members of the Council on Foreign Relations see Castro’s Cuba, a country in which the conspirators have successfully tested the coming neo-feudal society, as the model to follow (more on this in a forthcoming article).

The Environmental PsyOp

There are several things about the environmental movement, particularly its cornerstone, anthropogenic, human-made global warming, which indicate that it has nothing to do with science, but that it is just a psychological warfare operation based on lies and propaganda.
The so-called “climategate,"[7] which has been called the biggest scientific scandal of this generation, revealed the inside workings of the global warming PSYOP. The thousands of e-mails, allegedly “stolen” from the University of East Anglia and posted online by an unknown hacker, provided compelling evidence that much of what is being touted as scientific fact are actually erroneous, fraudulent, and perhaps criminal actions. Most of the participating “scientists” conspired using phony research to advance their secret agenda and acquire government and foundation grants.[8]

Several e-mails contained discussions about how to best portray distorted data sets, among other topics. The “scientists” caught with their hands in the cookie jar now claim their comments have been taken out of context, but it has become obvious that the e-mails are evidence enough to invalidate all the research. Moreover, the e-mails show how the “scientists” involved in the scam secretly discussed ways to manipulate the scientific peer review process so that skeptics and critics could not get their articles and papers published in scientific journals.[9]

In one of the e-mails, Phil Jones, director of the East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, shamelessly asks some of his colleagues to delete certain messages that had been requested under the Freedom of Information Act. In another, Jones mentions an effort to “hide the decline” in the world’s temperatures in a graph they had put together for the cover of a report for policymakers. The graph, which proved to be a total fabrication, shows a steady rise in the planet’s temperatures in the last decades.[10]

In a highly biased editorial, U.S.A. Today had the audacity to claim that,

By hiding and distorting information, the climate scientists have delivered what global warming skeptics could not: hard evidence that some researchers are cooking the books. But poor judgment at one research center does not equal global conspiracy. The overwhelming scientific consensus remains that the Earth is warming, largely because of human activity, with calamitous consequences …[11]

Translated into plain English, what U.S.A. Today editorial actually meant is: “Don’t confuse me with the facts!” Well, if this is not a conspiracy close to the one described by Michael Crichton in his novel State of Fear,[12] then we have to re-define the term “conspiracy.”

Moreover, “consensus” has never been a scientific term. On the contrary, one of the main principles of the scientific method, in which all Western science is based, is the possibility that a theory can be proven false. The falsifiability or refutability of a statement, hypothesis, or theory is an inherent possibility to prove it to be false.

If the principle falsifiability is ignored, the theory in question can be termed philosophical, aesthetic or religious, but never scientific. As Albert Einstein answered when he was asked about the validity of his relativity theory, to defeat a theory you “don’t need the word of 100 scientists, just one fact.”

Nevertheless, the world’s mainstream media has largely ignored the “climategate” scandal and, despite of the growing polemic, the international climate change summit at Copenhagen went on unmolested, pushing population control policies and world government under the pretext of protecting the environment —which was the true purpose of the whole charade.[13]

But the most important thing about “climategate,” ignored in most of the discussion, is that it has revealed a modus operandi, used over and over by the conspirators and their secret agents to carry out their disinformation work. If some day hackers manage to get into the files of other scientific communities and post their private communications online, “climategate” would not be too much different from a darwinismgate, evolutiongate, stemcellgate, overpopulationgate, or any of the currently ongoing PSYOPs.

There is nothing new, however about this modus operandi. As early as 1975 Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (ret.) Chester Ward, a CFR insider turned critic, described it in detail. According to Admiral Ward,

Once the ruling members of the CFR have decided that the U.S. Government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically, any opposition. The most articulate theoreticians and ideologists prepare related articles, aided by the research, to sell the new policy and to make it appear inevitable and irresistible. By following the evolution of this propaganda in the most prestigious scholarly journal of the world, Foreign Affairs, anyone can determine years in advance what the future defense and foreign policies of the United States will be. If a certain proposition is repeated often enough in that journal, then the U.S. Administration in power —be it Republican or Democratic— begins to act as if that proposition or assumption were an established fact. [14]

Currently, the discredit of the world’s scientific community, including organizations like the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Nobel Prize organization, is so widespread that just the fact that any official scientific organization backs a new “scientific” theory should be motive enough to suspect its true scientific value.[15] But it doesn’t matter. Despite a widespread global skepticism about the scientific value of the global warming theory, the CFR conspirators keep pushing their agenda and using it as a justification for global control.

Granted, no sane person on this planet can deny that we need to curb pollution and take care of the environment. What should make us suspicious, however, is that the same organizations responsible for creating the present levels of pollution, that is, big oil and transnational corporations, are the ones secretly bankrolling the environmental movement.
If one discards the possibility that the big corporations may be financing their enemies, the logical conclusion is that the environmentalists are helping the corporations they claim to hate. Actually, just the most perfunctory analysis shows that environmental legislation hurts small businesses more than it does big corporations.

Moreover, most of the environmental laws proposed give multi-national corporations more competitive advantage and so helps them to get bigger and bigger. Now, since, just by being bigger, these corporations have the greatest capacity for environmental damage, environmentalists, wittingly or unwittingly, are contributing to the deterioration of the environment.

Further proof that the “environmentally correct,” “progressive” left is just a tool of the reactionary conspirators is that some harmful forms of environmental pollution are never mentioned in their complaints. The most important ones among these sources of pollution are noise, as well as electric and electromagnetic radiation (e.g., high-voltage lines and cell phone transmission towers). Much less they mention chemtrails (scientifically called “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering”), unless to ridicule the people who show proof of is existence. The reason for this selective blindness is because stopping these types of pollution does not bring any benefit to the energy monopolies, nor do they help the conspirators’ plans for the creation of a New World Order.

There is strong evidence indicating that environmental movement is an artificial creation of the CFR conspirators. As early as 1970, Foreign Affairs, the CFR’s official publication, published an article by senior CFR agent and mouthpiece George Kennan entitled “To Prevent a World Wasteland —a Proposal"[16] in which he delineated the main points of the environmental movement. According to Kennan the only way to prevent the world turning into a wasteland was by creating a global super-agency to regulate environmental issues at the expense of reducing or eliminating national sovereignty[17]

But nothing evidences more the collaboration of the control of the most reactionary right over the American “progressive” left than its fight against nuclear energy.In 1966 CFR agent McGeorge Bundy was appointed president of the Rockefeller-controlled Ford Foundation. A few years later he established the Energy Policy Project, an important new project for the Foundation. In 1974, seizing the opportunity provided by an artificially created oil crisis, the Project produced a study titled A Time to Choose: America’s Energy Future.[18] As expected, its main recommendation was a drastic reduction on oil consumption.

The study strongly attacked nuclear energy, proposing instead the use of inefficient alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind and recycled waste. Soon after, the conspirators-controlled mainstream media began a barrage of bad propaganda against nuclear power. As a result, about 40 planned nuclear power plants to be built in the U.S. were cancelled.

Then, as if on cue, on April 1, 1979, a nuclear reactor on Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, had a strange accident. The mainstream press seized the accident to fan the fears of nuclear power. Key in this effort to scare the American people was the release of The China Syndrome, a movie starring Jane Fonda, which depicted in scary detail an accident very similar to the one that allegedly happened at Three Mile Island —whose dangerousness was highly exaggerated by the mainstream media. By a strange coincidence, the film had been released just 12 days before the Three Mile Island accident.

Since then, the American Left took the banner of the anti-nuclear fight and has been active in demonizing any attempts to build new nuclear plants in the United States. As expected, the Rockefellers and their Big Oil friends were delighted and, as a way of payment, have generously bankrolled their allies in the Left.[19]

A few years ago Obama mentioned his willingness to open offshore areas to oil drilling[20] and reactivate the building of nuclear power plants in the U.S.[21]. Unfortunately, a strange accident on a British Petroleum oil extraction platform in the Gulf of Mexico made him rethink his willingness to authorize offshore drilling.

On the other hand, knowing that Obama is a CFR puppet, I advise my readers not to hold their breath. Unless we break the stronghold Wall Street bankers and oil magnates exert over the U.S. government, neither Obama nor any other CFR-controlled puppet president will allow new oil exploitation, much less the construction of new nuclear power plants.

Just a perfunctory analysis shows that the true purpose of the environmental movement has never been to save the planet. On the contrary, its true purpose is helping the conspirators achieve two of their main goals: the drastic reduction of the current levels of population, and the reduction of the survivors to pre-industrial levels of consumption. According to CFR agent Lester R. Brown of the Worldwatch Institute, a Rockefeller supported organization, since the end of World War II,

Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels have increased by 13 percent, setting the stage for hotter summers. The protective ozone layer in the stratosphere has been depleted by 2 percent worldwide and far more over Antarctica. Dead lakes and dying forests have become a natural accompaniment of industrialization.[22]

Mr. Brown argues that all environmental problems (real or imaginary) are the direct result of overpopulation and too high levels of consumption. Consequently, the only way to solve the “problem” is to drastically reduce the world’s population and reduce the rest of us (not them, of course) to pre-industrial levels of consumption.

If one is to believe Christopher Flavin, a globalwarmer[23] “scientist,” “Coping effectively with global warming will force societies to move rapidly into uncharted terrain, reversing powerful trends that have dominated the industrial age.” [Emphasis added][24]

Flavin was concerned that “a Soviet consumer society with automobiles and larger houses could well push carbon emissions above their current level. He concluded, “the planet will never be able to support a population of 8 billion people generating carbon emissions at the rate, say of Western Europe today.”[25]

More recently, the Environmental Protection Agency declared carbon dioxide a health hazard. This was a first step in the implementation of carbon dioxide regulations on emissions from steel mills, power plants, cement factories and other factories that constitute the very base of the U.S. industrial production. These regulations will result in raising energy costs that will negatively affect the already weak U.S. economy.[26]

Now, using scientific arguments to uncover the lies of a bunch of unscrupulous, opportunistic liars and disinformers passing as scientists[27] is self-defeating and an exercise in frustration. This is why in this article I don’t focus on the scientific (or unscientific) aspects of these theories, of which much has been written, but in their disinformational, propaganda aspects characteristic of a psychological warfare operation, a PSYOP.As I told above, in 2009 Al Gore predicted that by 2013 the poles would be ice-free in summer. Well, something that the reports about the Akademik Shokalskiy trapped by ice in the Antarctica failed to report is that, currently, it is summer in the southern hemisphere!


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The Global Warming PSYOP. Part II

By Servando Gonzalez.

During the San Fermín festival in Pamplona, Spain, a few fighting bulls are set out free to run along the streets of the old city quarter on their way to the bull ring. As it has become a tradition since 1924, a group of daredevils run in front of the bulls. As their only protection, the runners are allowed to carry several rolled-up newspapers to fend off the bulls. If one of the bulls comes too close to a runner, he throws a newspaper in another direction, and the bull follows the newspaper instead of the runner.

Nothing better to illustrate this diversionary technique than the anthropogenic (human caused) global warming “theory.”

Global cooling,[1] acid rain, the ozone hole, the greenhouse effect, and now global warming (later conveniently changed into “climate change”), have been the rolled-up newspapers thrown past the people’s eyes to divert them from the true cause of the problem. Once a “scientific” theory is discredited, they create another bogus one out of the blue as a new rolled-up newspaper to throw past the eyes of the American people to divert their attention from the true source of the problem.

So, the same people who were thirty years ago predicting a catastrophic global cooling are now crying wolf about an imminent global warming. Now, bringing scientific facts to show the “errors” of the supporters of global warming would be virtually the same as acting like a bull following the rolled-up newspaper, because global warming has absolutely nothing to do with science but with intelligence and espionage. Therefore, I will not delve into scientific facts but limit myself to the field of intelligence and psychological warfare.

In his ancient treatise The Art of War, Sun Tzu states that all warfare is based on deception. In the case of psychological warfare operations, they are not simply based on deception; they are deception.

The human-caused global warming campaign has nothing to do with science but with pseudo-science. It is actually a psychological warfare operation waged against the peoples of the world. Its goal is to convince the people to voluntarily accept the lowering of their standards of living to pre-industrial levels of consumption and willingly become medieval serfs for the NWO masters. Key in this PSYWAR is the way the conspirators’-controlled globalwarmers have implanted in the mind of a large majority of the people in the world the idea that an inert gas, vital in the maintenance of life in this planet, is actually a dangerous, poisonous pollutant.

The CO2 PsyOp

I remember an illustration in my high school biology textbook back in Cuba depicting the carbon cycle, also called the life cycle. On the left, the illustration showed humans and animals inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, and on the right there were trees and other plants inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. The graphic illustrated the process by which carbon compounds are interconverted in the environment, mainly involving the incorporation of carbon dioxide into living tissue by photosynthesis and are returned to the atmosphere through respiration, the decay of dead organisms, and the burning of fuels.

In this process CO2 remains as a trace gas because photosynthesis converts it to O2 (Oxygen) almost immediately. In order to sustain life in this planet, we need mega-tons of CO2 to be put daily into our atmosphere to grow our food. The world’s food supply depends on the CO2 emissions of SUVs, volcanoes, fires, plant-rot and termites — a major source of CO2— to supply this essential greenhouse gas at sufficient levels to ward off famine.

The fact is that, despite the prevailing “consensus” among “prestigious scientists,” carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and it is not harmful to humans. On the contrary, it is a colorless, non-toxic gas and a valuable plant food. Actually, CO2 is the friendliest gas in our atmosphere. A warm climate with abundant carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be beneficial for all types of life on planet earth — no wonder the globalist conspirators hate it so much.[2]

Currently, the concentration level of carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere is at 385 parts per million —greenhouses require 4 to 5 times that level to get good green plant production. In order to be harmful to humans it would need to be no less than 6,000 ppm. Actually, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not control climate and the minimal effect of man’s CO2 emissions is wholly beneficial.

Many easily verifiable facts deny the claim that CO2 is a poisonous gas. For example, the average level of carbon dioxide in nuclear submarines after several days of constant immersion is known to rise as high as 4,000 parts per million. But, as retired Army meteorologist Gunnar C. Carlson has pointed out, despite of this high level of CO2, no crew has ever been poisoned by carbon dioxide in nuclear submarines.[3]

British Fabian Bertrand Russell wrote that with the adequate brainwashing techniques the social psychologists of the future would be able to implant in the minds of school children the unshakable conviction that snow is black.[4]

The fact that most young Americans currently believe that CO2 is a poisonous gas proves that Russell was right.

Another indication that global warming is actually brainwashing as the result of a psychological warfare operation is the conspirators’ use of semantic deception. This is evidenced in newly coined phrases like “carbon footprint,” “carbon emissions,” “carbon tax,” “carbon offsets,” “carbon allowances,” and the like. In the conspirator’s disingenuous lingo, carbon stands for CO2, that is, carbon dioxide.

But carbon dioxide, CO2, is not “carbon,” the same way that water, H2O, is not “hydrogen” and table salt, NaCl, is not “sodium.” Though carbon is one of the two molecules present in CO2 —a combination of one carbon molecules and two oxygen molecules—, carbon dioxide is a totally different thing: an inert gas that has nothing to do with carbon or oxygen.

Yet, by using the word “carbon” as a synonym for “carbon dioxide,” and repeating it over and over until it was firmly implanted in the people’s minds, the brainwashing conspirators have subliminally turned an inert, useful gas into a pollutant. The word “carbon,” comes from the Latin carbo, carbon, meaning ‘coal, charcoal.’ Coal and charcoal are black, dirty substances linked in the people’s minds to pollution. Consequently, if “carbon dioxide” is actually “carbon,” it by force must be a dirty, poisonous, dangerous pollutant.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Humans exhale carbon dioxide that plants breath and eventually exhale, but only after transforming it into oxygen which humans breath. Both carbon dioxide and oxygen are basic elements of life in this planet. But, through years of constant brainwashing, the conspirators have changed CO2, a gas of life, into a gas of death.

Some pseudo-conservative critics of Obama, who call him a Communist despite his close links to Wall Street bankers, affirm that his secret goal is wealth redistribution, that is, taking the wealth from the U.S. and other rich countries and redistributing it among poor countries. This is pure nonsense. The true purpose of the CFR conspirators who control Obama is not redistributing wealth, but destroying other people’s wealth, particularly middle-class wealth. They don’t want to raise the economic level of third world countries at the expense of lowering the economic level of the developed ones, but to lower the economic level of the developed countries to the level of the poor ones.[5]

What they have in mind is not equality in wealth, but in poverty and misery. Why? Because once we become dirty poor and live on pre-industrial levels of consumption without reproducing beyond the enforced preset levels, we will not consume the earth’s resources that rightfully belong to them —our all-powerful masters and their large families. And you bet that they would take care that all the international laws they are pushing would contain exceptions for them —like the possibility of buying carbon offsets.

Actually, while they are conspiring behind our backs to turn the rest of us into medieval serfs, the self-appointed masters of the world are showing the how they are already living in post-industrial levels of hyper-consumption. Despite their claims on the contrary, they have no plans to stop flying in their private jets, sailing in their multi-million dollar yachts, riding in their flashy limos, devouring caviar wedges and drinking plenty of champagne.

The Rockies’ Love for Eugenics

One of the two main phobias that have haunted the Rockefeller family for many years are the fear of losing their fortune —one of the Rockefeller sisters, Winifred, feared so much losing her fortune and living in poverty that she committed suicide in 1951 at her home in Deer Park, Greenwich, Connecticut, after killing her two daughters. The other is the fear that the growing masses of population would deprive them of the natural resources of the planet that, by birthright, belong to them and their billionaire friends. But, since the 1950s, when the fear of losing their fortune became a more remote possibility, the fear of growing population levels became their first concern, to the point of turning into an obsession.

Just a perfunctory study of the way the “philanthropic” foundations controlled by the Rockefellers and their friends channel their funds, show that most of their efforts is devoted to finance organizations whose main goal, overt or covert, is population control through eugenics. We must also keep in mind their ability to instigate wars and revolutions, and to artificially create plagues and famine, the most effective way to control population growth.

But, even after they had devoted much money and effort for more than half a century to curb population, they reached the conclusion that population growth was uncontrollable unless they were to take more drastic measures to stop it. So, after conducting long and rigorous “scientific” studies, they concluded that, in order to guarantee their survival at the levels of luxury and superabundance they are used to, they had to eliminate no less than 85 percent of the planet’s population and reduce the survivors to pre-industrial levels of consumption. And the only way to accomplish it was by the implantation of a worldwide communo-fascist form of government that they call the New World Order.After the end of WWII, population in the Western world increased dramatically, a phenomenon later known as the “baby boom.” This was the result of series of factors, like better diet, access to pure drinking water, modern drugs and medical procedures and overall improved hygiene. Between 1957 and 1990 the birth rate exceeded so much the death rate that the world’s population almost doubled.

The members of the world’s elites became extremely concerned. Secret studies made by elite organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome and others rang the alarm. Studies like The Population Bomb,[6] The Limits to Growth[7] and The Global 2000 Report to the President,[8] a Report to President Carter, agreed that overpopulation was the biggest threat to civilization.

Further proof that one of the true goals of the global warming charade is actually population control is that one of the main measures proposed in the international climate change summit at Copenhagen in December, 2009, is to adopt the Chinese government’s policy of just one child per family.

Now, let’s suppose for the sake of argument that for the next three years we have two feet of snow in Miami in August, the sea levels are actually receding, and the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have decreased. Faced with the unavoidable reality of a global cooling,[9] the global warming hoax would not be longer sustainable. Would that mean that the globalwarmers would recant and admit they were wrong?

Of course not. They would never admit they were wrong because they never believed themselves the lie they have been telling us.
Currently, particularly after this frigid winter, it would be very difficult to convince, much less scare the people about the coming global warming. A recent article published in a global-warming-friendly site, tells how more and more Americans find hard to believe the globalwarmers.[10]
On the other hand, what is important in this discussion is not if there is a global warming or a global cooling. That is for true scientists to decide. What is relevant is that the change, if there is any, is caused by humans burning coal and driving SUVs, and that, in order to reverse climate change we need to change our way of living, which is a lie.[11]

Now, one may ask, didn’t the globalwarmers foresee that, very soon nature would betray them and everybody was going to realize that the global warming theory was nothing but a big hoax? The answer is that they miscalculated. Actually, the CFR conspirators and their globalwarmer allies miscalculated badly.

But they miscalculated not in the sense that they didn’t know that instead of a global warming what most likely was coming was a global cooling. No. They knew it very well. For example, as early as 1971, two of the current globalwarmers warned about the threat of global cooling, and blamed it on the same things they blame the global warming:

The continued rapid cooling of the earth since World War II is also in accord with the increased global air pollution associated with industrialization, mechanization, urbanization, and an exploding population.[12]

In 1975, Science magazine alerted its readers about a report of the National Academy of Science: According to the Academy report on climate, we may be approaching the end of a major interglacial cycle, with the approach of a full-blown 100,000-year ice age a real possibility. [13]

Evidently, the CFR conspirators and their minions didn’t miscalculate about the coming global cooling. What they miscalculated, though, was the deadline for their plans to carry out the full implementation of the New World Order. In a 1975 article in the first issue of Alternatives: A Journal of World Politics, its editor, CFR agent Saul Mendlovitz, wrote: “... [it] is no longer a question of whether or not there will be a world government by the year 2000.”

Mendlovitz was not alone. Addressing a 1981 Trilateral Commission meeting in Washington, D.C., former Defense Secretary Harold Brown (CFR), pointed out that new leadership and new plans were required for a “transition to the world of 2000.” In response to Brown’s call, CFR members Robert Anderson, Russell Train, Walter Cronkite, Elliot Richardson, Cyrus Vance and other CFR members, formed the “Committee on the Year 2000,” whose goal is to provide the new leadership and new plans needed for the implementation of the coming New World Order.

In February 25, 1990, the Washington Post published an article by CFR agent Don Oberdorfer, “New World Order Galloping into Position,” in which he affirmed: “A new world order is taking shape so fast that governments as well as private citizens find it difficult to absorb ‘the gallop of events’...”

That same year, on the eve of the Gulf War, Gen. Brent Scowcroft (CFR) said: “A colossal event is upon us, the birth of a New World Order.” The CFR’s Annual Report for 1991 affirmed: “Obviously, the stage is being set —in Europe, in the Soviet Union, in the Middle East, and elsewhere— for a new world order.”

Most revealing of the conspirator’s wet dreams of global domination is a Report produced by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), an organization formed mostly by so-called “neocons,” supporters of the Bush administration. The 90-page Report, entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century” was published in September 2000. In synthesis, the Report called for an era of open, uncontested global CFR imperialism based on brute U.S. military force.[14]

It is evident that the CFR conspirators were confident that by the end of the century their New World Order would have been fully implemented. After that, they reasoned, with full control over the world press, nobody was going to discover, much less to publish, that the global warming charade was nothing but a hoax. But then, to their utter surprise, Russia got a second wind, began opposing the NWO, and the conspirators’ plans stalled. Moreover, they miscalculated about the growing power of the alternative media thanks to the Internet.

Well, the ball is now in our court. It is time to fight fiercely the conspirators’ evil plans, and show everybody that the global warming “theory” is actually a hoax, part of a psychological warfare operation whose true goal was convincing us to voluntarily accept that, in order to save planet Earth, we must kill our children and live forever like dirty poor beggars. Nothing but a real-life hunger games.
So, the choice is ours. Either we fight back nail and tooth and defend our right to life, freedom and property, or become slaves of the New World Order globalist conspirators.

For many years most of the people in world saw America as a beacon of freedom and liberty. Let’s prove to them that America is still the land of the free and the home of the brave. It its time to tell the Rockefellers, Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, the traitors in Congress, the disinformers in the mainstream media, and the rest of the New World Order conspirators that we don’t like their plans.
So, if you are mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore, go to the closest window, open it, and yell at the top of your lungs:

We don’t like your New World Order!


1. In the mid-1970s, the same “scientists” that now are scaring us with a catastrophic global warming were scaring the people with the coming of a catastrophic global cooling. On April 28, 1975, the cover article of Newsweek warned about a coming global cooling. On July 1975, Nigel Calder, former editor of the New Scientist, wrote that research from past ice ages indicated “that a threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind. On August 14, 1976, The New York Times reported “many signs that the Earth may be headed for another ice age.” Gary Sutton, co-founder of Teledesic and CEO of several other companies, wrote that in 2002 he stood in a room of the Smithsonian, where “an entire wall charted the cooling of our globe over the last 60 million years.” See, Gary Sutton, “The Fiction Of Climate Science,” Forbes. Com, April 12, 2009,
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