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Why We Need Gun Control

By Servando Gonzalez
(01/03 /2013)

In September 2000, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), an organization formed mostly by so-called “neocons,” published a 90-page Report, entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century.” The Report called for an era of open, uncontested global U.S. American imperialism[1] based on brute military force — what they called “full spectrum dominance.” Because of the openness and cynicism in the way it told the world the course of action the globalist conspirators who control the US foreign policy will follow, some people who read the PNAC Report think that it is reminiscent of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It doesn’t come as a surprise that most PNAC members are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

In stark cynicism, the authors of the Report mentioned that, in order to transform the U.S. military for the new challenges it will face, the process of transformation, “… even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor.” The catalyzing event, which persuaded most of the American people to accept destructive policies that had been planned way in advance, materialized in the form of the 9/11 events. Some analysts have compared the 9/11 events to the burning of the Reichstag in 1933, which allowed Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party to assume totalitarian control over the German people.

Using the 9/11 events as a pretext, George W. Bush declared the War on Terror — a convenient substitute for the defunct Cold War —, pushed the PATRIOT act, which allowed for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the aberration named the Transportation Security Administration. Nevertheless, many gullible Americans accepted losing their personal freedom in exchange for unproven security.
Since that moment, the American people have been living under a permanent state of terror conveniently fanned by CFR members in the mainstream media and the US government. Contrary to what our leaders promised, Americans have less freedom and no security at all.

America is rapidly becoming a totalitarian police state. But there are still two big stumbling blocks the CFR globalist conspirators have to get rid of before gaining absolute control over the American people: first, depriving them of the internet, a communication medium the globalists cannot control and, second, taking from the people’s hands the weapons they may one day use to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.

Their goal of imposing a totalitarian dictatorship in America is not a figment of a conspiracy theorist’s imagination. It was openly expressed by many of the CFR conspirators. Probably the one who better said it was James Warburg (CFR), son of CFR founder Paul Warburg. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17, 1950, he shamelessly prophesied: “We shall have world government whether or not you like it — by conquest or consent.”

It seems, however, that most Americans would not accept the totalitarian New World Order by consent; therefore, it must be imposed by conquest. This is the way it was done in Communist China, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. But, contrary to the people in those countries, Americans have always seen their right to own guns as the best way to avoid being enslaved by a tyrannical government. Therefore, the CFR conspirators have a very difficult problem to solve.

Lately, we have been hearing rumors about the US signing UN-sponsored treaties to fully ban guns in the hands of the citizens. Also, the CFR-controlled media has been waging a continuous propaganda PsyOp whose goal is to brainwash Americans to believe that the only ones who have the right to have guns are the criminals and the government — but, as Mark Twain once said, I’m being redundant.

The fact that most Americans don’t trust their government anymore was evidenced by the enormous surge in the acquisition of guns and ammo by American citizens in the last few years. Therefore, CFR conspirators have been planning a catalyzing event to convince the American people to accept a total ban of firearms in their hands. A previous attempt, the so-called Operation Fast and Furious, failed miserably. It seems, however, that the recent shooting at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, is rapidly becoming the catalyzing event they will use to justify passing new laws totally banning and confiscating guns from law-abiding American citizens.

As if on cue, a few hours after the school shooting, Senators Joe Lieberman and Dianne Feinstein, as well as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and vice president Joe Biden, began pushing the CFR’s party line claiming for stiffer gun control laws.[2] Even Sen. Mark Warner, who has been a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment — is signaling that he is changing his mind. Now, what do all these people who favor taking guns from the American people have in common? All of them are CFR members.

Now, one must keep in mind that the CFR conspirators are actually selective gun controllers. Never before in the history of the US have we seen more guns in the hands of government employees. They want to deprive the American people from their guns while keeping theirs. To top it off, Obama is taking steps to accomplish one of the conspirators’ wet dreams: the creation of a civilian military force as well equipped as the US Army — a sort of American SA storm troops like the ones who backed Hitler in his initial way to grab total power in Germany. It is evident that the true goal of all these paramilitary groups is not the protection of the American people, but the implementation of a totalitarian dictatorship in national-socialist Amerika.

The initial images of the events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown showed several dozen heavily armed troops conducting themselves like an occupying force. They arrived at the scene in special armored vehicles, carrying fully automatic military rifles with high capacity magazines, dressed in black military uniforms, wearing body armor, and conducting themselves as if they were going to fight a group of terrorists armed with AK-47 rifles and grenade launchers. Later it was know that the single perpetrator was a 20-year old single assassin, armed with two semi-automatic pistols and with no military training at all.

While the assassin was shooting at defenseless children, the would-be protectors arrived marching in tight formation like a Roman phalanx, took cover positions outside the building, positioned snipers, and prepared themselves for an assault that never took place.[3] Eventually, after killing 20 children and six adults, the lone assassin[4] allegedly committed suicide. Initially, authorities reportedly recovered three guns—two pistosl, a Glock and a SIG Sauer, both of them inside the school, and a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle in the shooter's car.

Next day, officials including the state's chief medical examiner said that the rifle was the primary weapon used in the shooting, because all the victims had died from .223 bullet wounds. But just a few hours later, the authorities changed the initial story, explaining that when the shooter stopped his rampage, he walked to his car, put the “assault rifle” in the trunk, then went back to the school and ultimately killed himself with one of the pistols. Nobody has explained how in the middle of a psychotic rampage the assassin simply walked out of the building and returned unnoticed, and why he left the rifle in his car’s trunk knowing that he wasn’t coming back to retrieve it.

Did our heavily armed protectors save the life of a single child? It doesn’t seem so. It seems that they were more interested in protecting their own lives than the lives of the children under attack. Actually, they have shown over and over that they are much more efficient in tasering and pepper spraying peaceful demonstrators than in fighting criminals and terrorists. Evidence indicates that our would be government protectors don’t have a strong desire to protect us — at least, not to the point of risking their own lives.

I am convinced that just a Sheriff and a couple of deputies armed with .38 caliber six-shot revolvers would have done a better job protecting the lives of those children than our heavily armed protectors. I am sure that a few armed teachers and parents would have done a much better job protecting their own children.

The militarization of the police in the U.S. has proved to be a grave mistake — if it is a mistake. It is a disaster waiting to happen, and we the people are the ones who are going to pay dearly for it. The police officers we saw in action at the Newtown events are a far cry from the idea of policemen as peace officers whose main job is to maintain the peace among citizens. The ones we see in American streets today are not policemen anymore. They carry military weapons, dress like soldiers, act like soldiers and, even worse, they think like soldiers of an occupying force in a hostile territory and behave accordingly.

But the role of an army is not policing and keeping peace among citizens. The role of an army is to maim and kill the enemy until it surrenders or is exterminated. This military mentality explains why we see more and more cases of police using excessive, unnecessary force to solve situations that could have been solved more peacefully. But they have the big guns, and are itching to use them, particularly against unarmed people.

The government is trying to convince the American people that the intention behind a total ban on firearms is protecting us from criminals. But there are indications that the true goal is depriving the people from any means to protect themselves. Proof of it is that nunchaku sticks,[5] not an “assault weapon” by any stretch of the imagination, are strictly banned in most California cities. Actually, homicide rates in Chicago, Oakland, and Washington DC, cities with strict gun control laws, are among the highest in the country

In contrast, gun grabbers in government are known to be armed at all times and protected by their bodyguards. As justice Louis D. Brandeis once said, “Our government ... teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.” It is not a good example that while the government is arming itself to the teeth, and buying millions of rounds of ammunition and high capacity military rifles, it wants to disarm the citizens. If the gun-grabbers really believe that military rifles do not belong in American streets, they can set an example by, first, taking them from the hands of the criminals and, second, taking them from the hands of the police.[6]

After an embarrassing long silence, the National Rifle Association had something to say about the Newtown school shootings and the frenzy about gun control. NRA head Wayne LaPierre offered some suggestions, among them bringing in armed guards to provide security for every school. “We can immediately make America’s schools safer, relying on the brave men and women in America’s police forces.”[7] Well, I don’t know if I was watching a different TV channel than Mr. LaPierre, because I didn’t see any bravery displayed by the assault paramilitary police force that occupied the Newtown school.

Strangely enough, however, NRA Director Wayne LaPierre asking for police officers on every school seems to fit to Hillary’s idea of schools as prisons. According to some sources, when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Australia in late 2010, she mentioned that the US government was planning to install full body scanners in all government buildings and that these were currently being manufactured. She also said that American schools “are to become more prison like” and that a repeat “Virginia massacre” would be used to justify integrated profiling of more Americans.[8]

For many years, the CFR globalists’ aim has been to enact strict gun laws and to finally disarm Americans. Until the globalists enact strict gun laws, Americans can expect to be seeing more shootings, not just in schools, but in other public places, like malls, parks, libraries, religious meeting places, possibly subways and even airports. Such false flag events have been planned many years in advance in order to instill fear in Americans so that they would be willing to disarm themselves rather than be forced by the globalists. Nevertheless, as a last resort, firearms will be taken by force.

Obama and other gun grabbers have said that military weapons do not belong in American streets. I cannot agree more. However, the first step to show that they actually mean what they say would be to immediately ban the possession of full auto rifles and high capacity pistols by the police and other paramilitary groups that have mushroomed after 9/11. America should not continue to be changed by the CFR conspirators into a police state similar to the ones in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.[9]

The registration and eventual confiscation of guns, and the total prohibition of its possession by citizens, is directed to take from the hands of the ones who are going to be killed the means to defend themselves. History has shown that it is a lot easier to kill unarmed people than armed ones. The first step the mass killers took in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, China, and Castro’s Cuba before committing democide[10] was gun confiscation.

If the horrors of Nazi Germany were not a historic fact, most readers may think that the possibility I mentioned above is too terrible to be even considered. But History has a tendency to repeat itself, and the new generations usually forget past experiences and keep repeating the same mistakes. Proof of it is that many people, including some of the descendants of Nazi victims, honestly believe that taking guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens is the right thing to do.



[1] “American imperialism” is actually the imperialism of Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and transnational corporations.

[2] It is difficult to accept that Mayor Bloomberg, who is part of a cabal whose goal is killing no less than 85 percent of the population on this planet, wants to save the lives of New Yorkers. See, Servando Gonzalez, “Billionaires for Eugenics,”, May 8, 2011,

[3] The reason why our protectors need high capacity magazines is because they are poorly trained. Just recently, 13 officers fired 137 rounds to kill two unarmed people in Ohio. See, Thomas J. Sheeran, “137 police shots, 2 dead: Many questions in Ohio,” Associated Press – 12/16/2012. In another case, two of New York’s worst, sprayed fire with their high capacity pistols trying to stop a suspect near the Empire State building. They finally killed the suspect, but only after wounding nine bystanders. See, Ray Kelly, “NYPD Gunfire In Empire State Building Shooting Wounded All Nine Bystanders,” The Huffington Post, August 25, 2012

[4] In the days after the events, information about the presence of several other shooters has proliferated in the only non-controlled medium, the internet. As expected, the mainstream media has ignored that information.

[5] Nunchaku, a weapon consisting of two short sticks linked by a piece of cord. Nunchakus were devised by Okinawa farmers — serfs banned from using weapons — to defend themselves from criminals and abusive samurais.

[6] In a hysterical anti-gun rant, CFR agent Hendrik Hertzberg, a senior editor and staff writer for The New Yorker magazine, wrote: “It was hard, in the [Newtown’s] massacre immediate aftermath, to find a presentable advocate for the view that the No. 1 cause of gun violence is a shortage of guns.” Well, it was. Despite that many Americans own guns, laws pushed by CFR conspirators make illegal for law abiding Americans to carry them whenever they wish, particularly in “gun free’ zones like schools. See, Hendrik Hertzberg, “Shots,” The New Yorker, January 7, 2003, pp. 17-18.

[7] See, Brad Plumer,, December 21, 2012,

[8] See, Aloysius Fozdyke, “Satanist Insider: Hillary Promised Inflation,” Nov. 30, 2010,,

[9] A sign of times to come is recent reports of plans by the City of Paragould (Arkansas) Police Chief and Mayor to deploy heavily armed SWAT teams on the streets, allegedly in an effort to fight a recent increase in crime.

[10] Democide is a term coined by political scientist R. J. Rummel in his book Death by Government (New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 1994) According to him, democide is “the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.”


Servando Gonzalez, a Cuban-born American writer, semiologist and intelligence analyst, was an officer in the Cuban army during the missile crisis. He has written books, essays and articles on Latin American history, intelligence, espionage, and semiotics. Servando is the author of Historia herética de la revolución fidelista, The Secret Fidel Castro, The Nuclear Deception: Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis and La madre de todas las conspiraciones, all available at

He also hosted the documentaries Treason in America: The Council on Foreign Relations and Partners in Treason: The CFR-CIA-Castro Connection, produced by Xzault Media Group of San Leandro, California, both available at the author's site at

His book, Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People appeared in late 2010 and is available at Or download a .pdf copy of the book you can read on your computer or i-Pad. His book, OBAMANIA: The New Puppet and His Masters, is available at

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