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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs & More Jobs

The Solution is in Your Hands

by Servando Gonzalez

Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved.

In one of the recent Republican presidential candidates debates at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, both Mitt Romney and Rick Perry devoted a great amount of time trying to convince the voters about the good job they have done in creating jobs in their respective states, and how when they become president they will solve the country’s economic problems by creating even more jobs.[1] Both of them, however, were interrupted by another wannabe, who mentioned how he, as the governor of some state whose name I don’t remember, has created even more jobs than both Romney and Perry.

On his side, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama gave a speech at a joint session of the Congress explaining how his new plan will solve the problem by creating overnight thousands of new jobs.[2] He didn’t explain, however, why, when put into action, all his previous plans to create jobs have failed miserably.

As if on cue, the mainstream media launched a veritable barrage of articles whose goal was to convince gullible Americans how politicians of both sides of the Repucratic coin will put the government in action to create jobs — which proves once more that there is not a penny’s worth of difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

Nevertheless, faithful to my conviction that to know when a politician is lying you just need to verify that his mouth is open, I grabbed my copy of the Constitution looking for the word jobs, but I couldn’t find it. Now, remembering that most Americans apparently believe that they have the right to a job, I also looked for the word “jobs” in the Bill of Rights but, again, I failed to find it.

So, what’s going on? Is somebody trying to fool me? What is this nonsense about believing that one of the jobs of the government (apart from stealing our money and sending our sons to die in foreign lands defending the global corporations' interests) is creating jobs for the rest of us?

On the other hand, one can argue, that actually the role of the government is not creating jobs, but creating the right conditions for some private businesses to expand and create jobs. But, again, there is no mention in the key documents of this country, that helping businesses to create jobs is a government job. Actually, American history shows that the times when private businesses have created more jobs is when the government has not intervened to “help” them.

Therefore, we are again at square one. Why the American people are so desperate for jobs that it compels politicians of both branches of the Repucratic party to lie to them by telling that they are going to create jobs. Well, in order to understand this, we first need to analyze why Americans are so desperately looking for jobs.

Now, trying to explain to the average American the true causes of the current economic crisis and the lack of jobs is like trying to explain to a turkey the reason why the nice guy who has been feeding and taking care of him for a whole year, the day before Thanksgiving is coming with a big ax to chop his head off.

Anyway, I’ll give it a try.

But, in order to understand my explanation, first you need to learn a fact that has been carefully hidden by the mainstream media: the present crisis and its sequel, the lack of jobs, is not the product of blind economic forces or chance, but the result of the implementation of the final steps of a plan to destroy this country and its people. The ultimate goal of this artificially created crisis is to bring us — and eventually the whole industrialized world — back to pre-industrial levels of consumption under a totalitarian communo-fascist world government the conspirators euphemistically call the “New World Order."

People who honestly see the present situation as an economic crisis we can solve by taking the right economic measures remind me of the guy who was trying to catch a black cat in a dark room . . . but the cat was not even there. And I added the adjective “honestly,” because most of our leaders — perhaps with the exception of the most stupid ones — are fully aware that this is not an economic crisis at all.

Many years ago, the American ruling class stopped seeing themselves as Americans but as globalists. They don’t feel anymore linked emotionally to this country or its people. They don’t give a rat’s ass about its laws and its Constitution. They hate this country and its people. The fact that most Americans have accepted the present state of things without rebelling has lowered us even more before their eyes. Currently they see us as sheep on their way to the slaughterhouse.

Since the end of the XIX century, the goal of the international monopolists and bankers was just robbing us blind to get richer. To this effect they controlled and manipulated the world’s energy resources as well as the money and food supplies, and artificially created continuous wars and revolutions to benefit their partners in the military-industrial-banking complex.

But there was a point, probably around the mid 1950s, when they realized that they had all the money they needed, and changed the focus of their interests. From that moment it was not greed the motive that became the main guide of their actions, but something much darker. It was then when they reached the conclusion that the world was overpopulated and that us, that is, you and me, were not only “useless eaters,” but also consume too much of the earth’s natural resources which, by birthright, belong to them — or so they believe.

That was the time when they began seeing themselves as globalists, not linked anymore politically, economically or emotionally to any nation. Then they realized that the only way to carry out their secret plans was by having total control of the planet, its people and its resources. That is how the idea of a New World Order was crystallized.

In honor to truth, the New World Order is an old idea, and the conspirators have been toying with it for many years. Proof of this is that the eugenics movement, inextricably linked to the Rockefellers and the Nazis (but, as Mark Twain once said, I am being redundant), began in the U.S in the 1930’s. It was not, however, until the end of WWII when they realized that the time was ripe for global control, and began lying out the foundations of their New World Order.

Initially, the conspirators began putting their plans into action by waging a war of attrition, economically and militarily, against the peoples of the underdeveloped world, mainly Africa, Asia and Latin America. In the meantime, they were waging several psychological warfare operations against the American people — mostly carried out by the public schools and the mainstream media. But in the last decades they extended this undeclared war to the American economy. Their main tools are what they call “globalization” and “free trade.”

Their reason for this hatred they feel for us is because Americans, with their long tradition of freedom, individualism and nationalism, unknowingly have become the main obstacle to their plans. Consequently, an important measure they had to take before fully implementing the NWO in the rest of the world was getting rid of the troublesome Americans and their country of freedom and liberty. Even more, they resented our high standard of living.

In this fight they recruited, by way of ideological persuasion or money provided by Foundations they control, many elements of the Left.[3] Some of them, like environmentalists, still believe that by fighting the exploitation of new oil sources they are hurting the big oil corporations. Others, like the New Age cultists, think that by advancing eugenicist ideas are protecting Mother Earth — their beloved Gaia we are destroying. The direct result of this assault on the American way of living result is the present crisis.

Most people have been brainwashed by the conspirators’-controlled mainstream media to see the cause of this economic crisis as the result of the burst of the housing bubble. According to their professional disinformers, the house prices plummeted, people lost most of their equity, there is a loss of confidence in the market, and people are not buying enough. That is exactly what tax cheat and Council on Foreign Relations agent Timothy Geithner wanted us to believe when he claimed: “Our economy’s troubles began with housing and the overstretched finances of millions of homeowners.”[4]

Of course, that is just the conspirators’ fairy tale — advanced by both the Bush and the Obama administrations (sorry if I am being redundant again) — and, to solve the problem, they have resorted to give money for free, in the form of so-called “stimulus packages,” to incite people to buy more. But most people are not buying — neither the goods, nor the government’s theory —, and, though they are not yet voting with their feet, some of them are currently voting with their closed wallets.

Neither are they buying any stocks. Why? Because they don’t trust Wall Street anymore — you cannot fool all the people all the time. The present crisis has shown that the stock exchange is nothing but a gigantic Ponzi scheme operated by the Wall Street Mafia which uses inside trading and other clever tricks to fleece the sheep.

The truth is that the implosion of the housing bubble was not the cause of the problem, just the event that triggered it. The housing bubble was an economic time bomb designed by the CFR conspirators at the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan and planted in the foundations of the American economy by CFR agents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to create an economic 9/11 that will terrorize even more the American people.

This time bomb created by the CFR’s economic terrorists began ticking when CFR agent Bill Clinton ordered HUD to set quotas for Fannie and Freddie to buy huge portions of Community Reinvestment Act loans and other low-income mortgages made to borrowers with poor credit. This was the “affordable housing” policy that created the subprime market. CFR agent George W. Bush seamlessly continued the policy launched by the Clinton administration. Obama’s “stimulus” money is just the continuation of the same disastrous policies.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned above, the real cause of this crisis was not the implosion of the housing bubble, but the reduction of workers’ real income: Americans have become dirty poor in the blink of an eye. Currently, American workers cannot afford to buy the products they make, or used to make, because they don’t earn enough money to buy them. And they don’t earn enough money because, as the result of “globalization” and “free trade,” big corporations have sent abroad the high-paid American jobs now changed into low-paying jobs in Mexico, India, China, and other third world countries.

And let me tell you, the economic measures both Obama and his faked detractors at the Republican debates have in mind — with the exception of Ron Paul — are tantamount to extinguishing a fire by pouring gasoline on it. They have failed in the past and will fail in the future. No doubt about that.

So, how we can solve this conundrum? Are we irremediably failed as a country and as a people? Are there no ways to solve this problem? Well, there are some.

A sure way to begin stopping this crisis would be to cancel all globalization and “free trade” agreements like CAFTA, NAFTA, etc., and bring the jobs back to America. But this is something that Mr. Obama’s Wall Street masters at the Council on Foreign Relations will never allow him to do. Proof of it is that, when a compromise in the Senate had been negotiated on the simple base that Obama’s $875 billion dollar Economic Stimulus Plan included a “Buy American” provision, Mr. Obama backpedaled. Quietly, the “Buy American” provision was watered down until it practically disappeared.

Despite Mr. Obama’s claims on the contrary, our (their?) government will not take any measure to stop this crisis because it is under the control of the very same conspirators who have artificially created it to advance their secret agenda. With a few exceptions, the members of the three branches of our government are either traitors willingly working for the Council on Foreign Relations conspirators to engross their egos and their fortunes, or scared rats (don’t forget the anthrax scare) trying to survive the sinking of the American ship by re-arranging the chairs on the deck.

On the other hand, there is a very simple way to solve this problem very fast, and without intervention of the U.S. Government. But, in order to do this, we need first to know who is really to blame for creating this problem in the first place. I’ll tell you how you can find him out. Go to your bathroom and look at the face you see in the mirror. That is the only one to blame: YOU!

As Pogo (Walter Kerry) once said: “We have seen the enemy and he is us!”

You are the only one to blame because, like most Americans, you buy most of the goods at big discount stores like COSTCO, Wall Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot, Fry’s and others owned by huge transnational corporations. And you seem to ignore that the true and only goal of a corporation is to increase the profits of its shareholders — which, of course, include its CEOs.

Corporations have no feelings, no ethics, no decency, no values, no principles, no morals, no dignity, no sense of guilt, no shame. They can do business with communist China and with the Devil himself if that means increasing their profits. They don’t care if American workers have no jobs, Mexican workers live miserable lives as the result of the maquiladoras and “free trade,” and Chinese slave workers commit suicide in an effort to escape from their sweat shops where they assemble iPhones. No wonder in the last decade corporations and their CEOs have increased their profits a hundredthfold.

But don’t blame the big corporations. Apparently it never crossed your mind that every time you buy a cheap, low quality product made in Mexico, China or India to save a few bucks, you are helping transnational corporations to hammer another nail in the coffin of America’s economy and, sooner or later, your job will disappear.

On the other hand, we don’t need to ask corrupt politicians on the payroll of the corporations to pass protectionist laws to stop their attack on us. If Ford is building a big plant to build trucks in India[5] and Apple is making its iPads in communist China, that’s okay with me. This is a free country. Now, please, once they are made, Ford should try to sell its trucks made in India to the Indians and Apple should try to sell its iPads made in China to the Chinese. But don’t bring these products to America because the American people would not buy them. Unfortunately, like well behaved sheeple, brainwashed Americans fight in the lines in front of the stores to be the first who can buy the products that will bring their on destruction.

So, the solution to the problem we face is in your hands, and the best part of it is that you don’t need to beg to the politicians in Washington D.C. for jobs. If you stop buying products not made in American by American workers, in just a few weeks the big corporations will face a dilemma: either they close their doors and go bankrupt, or begin giving contracts to American companies to make their products here in America.

Now, giving the fact that their only goal is making money, I am sure that they will seriously consider bringing back their factories to America. And this will immediately mean that these companies, like it or not, will be forced to hire American workers. And this will translate into jobs, jobs and more jobs. And you will not feel the need to buy in big corporate stores to save a few buck because you will have plenty of money.

And buying high-quality goods made in America in local stores will bring new life to your community, because, contrary to big corporations, local businesses don’t deposit their profit in banks in Switzerland, but expend them locally — exactly the way America was 60 years ago before the siren’s song of “free trade” and “globalization” guided the ship of the American economy to a fatal crash against the iceberg of global monopoly capitalism.[6]

Cannot be easier.

Well, it may not be as easy as it seems.

I have seen in the parking lots of Wall Mart, K-Mart, COSTCO and other big corporate stores many cars and trucks displaying American flags and patriotic stickers, while their owners go happily pushing carts full of merchandise made in China. Well, as the saying goes, talk is cheap.

Now, put your wallet where your big mouth is. Stop buying foreign trash. Prove to yourself that you really love your country.

Make the ultimate sacrifice: BUY AMERICAN![7]


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[5] See, i.e., “Ford building a $1bn Manufacturing Complex in India,” France24, September 6, 2011,

[6] Actually, despite Rush Limbaugh’s claims to the contrary, monopoly capitalism is not capitalism at all, but socialism in the form of communism, fascism or a mixture of both — but that will be the subject an upcoming article.

[7] Of course, you will not. You’ll keep blaming Obama. You’ll keep buying foreign trash you cannot live without. You’ll give your vote to the new Obamas in the Republican Party who are lying through their teeth promising you that they will create jobs. And you will suffer the results of the Mother of All Depressions that is just around the corner. Ultimately, peoples have the governments they deserve.


Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban-born American writer, semiologist and intelligence analyst. He has written books, essays and articles on Latin American history, intelligence, espionage, and semiotics. Servando is the author of Historia herética de la revolución fidelista, The Secret Fidel Castro, The Nuclear Deception and La madre de todas las conspiraciones, all available at

He also hosted the documentaries Treason in America: The Council on Foreign Relations and Partners in Treason: The CFR-CIA-Castro Connection, produced by Xzault Media Group of San Leandro, California, both available at the author's site at

His latest book, Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People just appeared and is available at Or download a .pdf copy of the book you can read on your computer or i-Pad.

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