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Obama Gay? Of Course!

By Servando Gonzalez


Obama is Gay. But, is He Homosexual?

If one is to believe the American brainwashing machine (aka, mainstream media, the presstitutes, etc.), we have currently in the White House the first gay president. Now, though the fact that Obama is gay is undeniable,[1] the most important thing about this information is that nowhere in the barrage of articles lauding Obama for his change of mind do its authors mention the word most commonly associated with the term gay: “homosexual.” By their omission, these authors have made clear that they don’t imply that, though Obama is gay, he is also a homosexual.

In their rush to back the Obama-gay campaign — actually a psychological warfare operation (PSYOP) most likely created by the Council on Foreign Relations conspirators for a particular reason I’ll explain below— the lackeys in the mainstream press have made a gross mistake by unwittingly revealing the gay movement’s best kept secret: that gay and homosexual are not synonyms.

This is a typical case of the law of unintended consequences. Fortunately, in this case it has worked in the favor of We The People.

Though for political reasons gay leaders and propagandists use the terms “gay” and “homosexual” as synonyms, the terms in fact denote two very different things. The confusion is not the product of chance, but of a carefully designed disinformation campaign (PSYOP) developed by the American gay movement with the secret help of very powerful people, who have used it as a smokescreen to hide its true nature. But gay and homosexual are not synonyms. As a matter of fact, the terms denote two very different phenomena, and the distinction is not mere linguistic.

To prove my case I’ll cite two examples from recent history.

In recent times, only two countries in the world have harassed, persecuted and interned homosexuals in concentration camps: Nazi Germany and Castro’s Cuba. But there is a less known fact: both Hitler and Castro were surrounded by a coterie of homosexuals. Ernst Roehm, Rudolf Hess, Reinhard Heydrich, and even Hitler’s driver, Emil Maurice, were well-known homosexuals. In the same fashion, Castro’s close friend Alfredo Guevara (no relation to Che) and his brother Raúl, just to mention two of the most notorious ones, are well-known homosexuals.[2] But neither in Germany, nor in Cuba, were those homosexuals close to power harassed, persecuted or sent to concentration camps. On the contrary, some of these homosexuals played a key role in sending other homosexuals to concentration camps.

Obviously, both in Cuba and Germany there were two different types of homosexuals. Some of them were the targets of the rage of the government, while others were protected from it. Some of these homosexuals were victims, while other were victimizers. So, who were the lucky ones not sent to concentration camps?

Were they the fat ones? The vegetarians? The ones who practiced a particular type of homosexual sex? No. The protected ones were the militant homosexuals who actively supported the government. Both in Castro’s Cuba and Hitler’s Germany there were two quite distinct types of homosexuals, and the difference was not sexual but political: A homosexual is a person who has sex with persons of his/her own sex. The term gay, on the contrary, is political, and does not refer to any specific sexual practice. It denotes a militant homosexual, a member of an action organization, actively engaged in activities to advance a particular agenda in the political sphere. Actually, the process of “coming out of the closet,” by which a person tells to the world that he is gay, is basically not a sexual but a political act.

The difference between these two types of homosexuals is so obvious that some researchers already created names to distinguish them. As early as 1945, German historian Samuel Igra called these militant homosexuals “homosexualists.” More recently, author Judith Riesman calls them “homosexists.”[3] I simply call them by the term they themselves coined to disguise their true nature: gays.

According to the gay movement’s disinformation story, the term “gay” was created to counteract the negative connotations attached to the term “homosexual.” But, contrary to their claims, homosexual and heterosexual have always been neutral terms, with no negative connotations whatsoever. Proof of it is that the gay movement keeps using the term bisexual.

Actually, the term gay —most likely a creation of the Tavistock Institute, the Stanford Research Institute, or some other of the conspirators’ psychological warfare think tanks — was specifically coined to create cognitive dissonance: far from being lighthearted, carefree, cheerful, showy, brilliant — which aptly designates the widespread stereotyped image of effeminate homosexuals — the core of the men who call themselves “gays” belong to the “butch” type of virile, tough, aggressive, warmongering, Spartan macho homosexuals who are everything but gay in the original meaning of the word.

SF Gay Pride parade

For the “butch,” macho gays, young attractive boys are the most desirable option for sexual pleasure, while heterosexual males, feminine women and effeminate homosexuals, are regarded in this order as progressively inferior.

However, though most gays are actually homosexuals, not all homosexuals are necessarily gays.[4] Actually, despite the fact that, as a result of cultural imperialism, most homosexuals in Latin America jumped on the gay bandwagon and now call themselves “gays,” the concept is totally alien to the Hispanic culture. The reason for this is that in Latin America homosexuality had never been politicized — until now.

But, blinded by the massive propaganda campaign pushing the gay agenda —which is actually a subset of the New World Order conspirators’ agenda — most homosexuals around the world began calling themselves gays. They have never suspected that had been recruited under a false flag.

Moreover, as Obama’s recent declaration has proved beyond any doubt, the term “gay” properly includes all types of people, homosexuals or not, who, in one way or another, out of conviction, fear or opportunism, actively support and advance the gay political agenda — which is very close to the CFR conspirators’ agenda.

Accordingly, Bill Clinton, who has always actively supported the gay movement’s agenda, can be properly called gay. For the same reason, Camille Paglia, a known lesbian who does not support the gay agenda, cannot be properly called gay — which explains why gays hate her. [5]

In the same fashion, millions of homosexuals around the world, particularly in Third World countries, who do not support the gay agenda and have no intention of making a political statement by coming out of a closet they have never been in by openly proclaiming their homosexuality, cannot be properly called gays. Obviously, “gay” is a political term, while “homosexual” is a sociological one. The fact that some gays are homosexuals does not mean that the terms are interchangeable.

Though most people, including most homosexuals, erroneously use the terms as synonyms, the distinction between gay and homosexual is of cardinal importance to understand the essence of the gay phenomenon. As a matter of fact, the American gay movement is fully aware of the distinction, and uses the terms as synonyms for their own ideological purposes, as a way to distort reality. The fact that “gay” and “homosexual” are not synonyms was perhaps the best-kept secret of the gay movement. Fortunately for us, however, Obama, wittingly or unwittingly, let the cat out of the bag.

Once this cardinal distinction between gays and homosexuals is understood, it is relatively easy to understand the otherwise unexplainable fact that in the early seventies, while the Castro government was harassing and torturing homosexuals by the thousands and interning them in concentration camps, many American gays joined the Venceremos Brigade and traveled to Cuba, allegedly to work in the sugar crop but actually to give support to the Castro regime. American gays, who are essentially anti-homosexual, had no objections to the harassment and torturing of homosexuals in Castro’s concentration camps.[6]

Under this light, it is easy to understand why San Francisco gays of the pro-Castro organization “Queers for Cuba,” boycotted in San Francisco Bay Area theaters the film Before the Night Falls, based on the autobiography of Cuban writer and homosexual Reinaldo Arenas. Arenas was one of the thousands of homosexuals persecuted in Cuba by the Castroist gays and interned in a concentration camp, who escaped the Island during the Mariel boatlift of 1980.

It is also easy to understand why when the more than twenty thousand homosexuals who had escaped from the harassment and persecution in Castro’s gay paradise arrived in the U.S., the American gay organizations turned their backs on them. Only religious charitable organizations, mostly Catholic, gave the Cuban homosexuals a helping hand.

British Fabian socialist Bertrand Russell wrote that, with the support of the media, the educational system, and the right propaganda tools, you can make people believe that the snow is black.[7] A case which proves he was right is that the gay-friendly Latin American Studies Association (LASA), recently received Mariela Castro, the daughter of gay Raúl Castro, the main instigator of the persecution of homosexuals in Cuba, as a hero during its International Congress in San Francisco last May. Further evidence that the gay movement has nothing to do with sexuality, but with politics is that the Panel where Mariela participated was titled Una mirada a la Diversidad Sexual desde lo Político (A View at Sexual Diversity From a Political Point of View).

It was not a coincidence that, just a few days before the opening of the LASA Congress, there were government-sponsored marches for gay rights in several Cuban cities.[8]

American gay leaders, with the full support of the media presstitutes, are trying to convince the American people that Cuba, the most repressive country in the Western Hemisphere, has suddenly become a heaven for gays. But you have to be very naïve to believe that in a country where women, blacks, workers, effeminate homosexuals and practically anybody who does not support the government have no rights, gays have suddenly become the only ones who have rights in Cuba. The parade actually shows that, like everywhere in the world, gays support the oppressors, including their oppression of homosexuals, which, despite claims to the contrary, still exist in Castro’s Cuba. Despite the American gay movement’s claims on the contrary, there’s nothing to be proud about ignoring the harassment of homosexuals in Castro’s Cuba and showing their support for their oppressors.

By the way, may it be that the conspirators of the Council on Foreign Relations with the help of the gay movement are grooming Mariela Castro for becoming Cuba’s next gay president? That would be a clever trick for keeping Castroism in Cuba after the death of the tyrant.

By disguising their political movement behind a cover of a social one, the gay activists made it immune to criticism. Currently, in American you can criticize Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Communists, Black Panthers, John Birchers, and other political organizations in the strongest terms without being called Demophobe, Republiphobe, Libertophobe, Johnbircherphobe, and the like. But you cannot criticize the gay movement and their political agenda without being called “homophobe.” By cleverly disguising the true nature of their movement, gays have created the first Kevlar-coated political movement in the U.S., totally immune to criticism.

The trick is not an original one. Gay leaders got it from the Jewish Zionist movement. Zionists cleverly disguised their political movement as an ethnic one. Despite the fact that not all Jews are Zionists, nor all Zionists are Jews, any criticism of the Zionist government of Israel, particularly by a non-Jew, immediately brings on you the accusation of being “anti-Semite.”

But there are more things about the gay movement difficult to explain. For example, how has the minuscule gay movement[9] managed to gain so much political power in the U.S. in such a short time? The answer is relatively simple: because the gay movement leaders opportunistically became fellow travelers to the New World Order conspirators. The two main goals of the conspirators are depopulation and deindustrialization, and, just after war and abortions, homosexuality is an excellent depopulation tool.

In 1989 a book with a provocative title: After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s,[10] appeared in the bookstalls of every bookstore in the United States, though most likely it was read only by gays and gay-friendly people —precisely the public it intended to reach. The authors’ mini-bios in the book are revealing: Marshall Kirk is a researcher in neuropsychiatry. Hunter Madsen is an expert on public persuasion tactics and social marketing.

Despite the innocuous title, the book is an extraordinarily well-designed war tool: it was a master plan for a psychological warfare operation against the American people. And the authors were so sure that it was going to work that they used the future tense will conquer instead of might conquer in the title of their book.

The authors begin the Introduction with a lapidary phrase: “The gay revolution has failed.”[11] And it has failed, they believed, because gays have used the wrong tactics. They have been too honest, too candid in trying to gain acceptance. In order to win, they advise, they should use cunning, disinformation and deception instead.

In their book, Kirk and Madsen mention how fortune, in the form of a terrible disease, AIDS, miraculously provided gays with an excellent opportunity to win the battle for the control of the straights’ feeble minds. According to the book’s authors, AIDS brought gays an unprecedented public recognition and sympathy. “AIDS gave us a chance, however brief, to establish ourselves as a victimized minority legitimately deserving America’s special protection and care.”[12]

Later, Kirk and Madsen clearly explain what their book is all about,


The campaign we outline in this book, though complex, depends centrally upon a program of unabashed propaganda, firmly grounded in long-established principles of psychology and advertising. Some readers will be disappointed with the seemingly tame idea of a propaganda campaign; they rather “storm the barricades,” . . . Alas —in a way we, too, would like to storm some barricades, but such tactics have proven themselves impractical —ineffective or even harmful— and their day is past. [Emphasis in the original] [13]

Half through the book, however, the authors reveal their true game, calling what they have in mind by the right name. And what they have in mind is not a simple change in attitudes, but a total conversion. By this, “we actually mean something far more profoundly threatening the American Way of Life, without which no truly sweeping social change can occur.” Essentially, they plan to change “the average American’s emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media.” [Emphasis mine] [14]
In addition, they clarify even more what they want to accomplish,


We have in mind a strategy as calculated and powerful as that which gays are accused of pursuing by their enemies —or, if you prefer, a plan as manipulative as that which our enemies themselves employ. It’s time to learn from Madison Avenue, to roll out the big guns. Gays must launch a large-scale campaign —we’ve called it the Waging Peace campaign— to reach straights though the mainstream media. We’re taking about propaganda. [Emphasis in the original] [15]

What they are describing is nothing but a carefully planned psychological warfare operation (PSYOP) to wage a secret war against their enemies, straights, very similar to the one the CFR conspirators have been successfully waging for many years against their main enemy, the American people. And a war it is. In February 1988 a “war conference” of 175 gay activists convened in Warrenton, Virginia, representing gay organizations from across the country. The conference established a four-point agenda for the advancement of the gay movement, giving first priority to “a nation-wide media campaign to promote a positive image of gays and lesbians.”[16]

20 years after the book was published the authors’ goals have been reached and surpassed far beyond their most optimistic expectations. However, as they cautioned several times in the book, none of this would have worked without a massive exposure by flooding the mainstream media.[17] But we know that the mainstream American media is fully under the control of the CFR conspirators. Without their support the gay movement would have amount to nothing. Now, how can we explain that the most reactionary sector of American society has secretly supported the allegedly “progressive” gay movement? The answer is very simple: as I mentioned above, homosexuals don’t procreate, and the promotion of homosexuality is just another eugenic tool in the conspirators’ plan to depopulate the planet.

The tacit collaboration between the gay movement leaders and the CFR conspirators is evidenced by the extraordinary support the gay movement receives from the CFR-controlled mainstream media and non-profit foundations. But there is even further proof. The authors of After the Ball openly advice this collaboration as a strategy to advance their interests. In one of the sub-chapters, appropriately entitled “Four Strategy: Political Conspiracies,” they mention how gay activists, “have concentrated their efforts on politics, meaning efforts to secure gay rights by conspiring with liberal elites within the legal and legislative system.”[18]

But the authors also suggest that gay activists should collaborate not only with the leftist but also with the rightist elite, “The goal here has been to forge a little entente or conspiracy with the power elite, to jump ahead of public sentiment or ignore it altogether.” [Emphasis in the original] [19]

There are some key characteristics of the gay movement, however, about which the authors of After the Ball have been disingenuous simply by totally ignoring them.

The most important feature of gay movement is that it is actually a political movement, not a social one. As the authors of After the Ball advice, “wherever possible come out.” [20] But there is nothing sexual in coming out. Actually, coming out is a political statement, and this proves beyond any reasonable doubt the fact that the gay movement is actually a political movement cleverly disguised as a social one.[21]

The love and admiration some core gays feel for the Nazis is evidenced in the “gay pride” parades in San Francisco and other cities. Those black leather-clad gays sporting Nazi paraphernalia while openly mimicking all types of sadistic activities are a clear sign of their Nazi persuasion. Moreover, the CFR-controlled presstitutes have hidden the fact that most members of neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. are actually butch, macho gays.

As fellow travelers, gay movement leaders have profited enormously from their secret alliance with the CFR conspirators, and they have paid the favor by helping the conspirators perform some of their dirty games. One of these payments was the gay marriage PSYOP that helped George W. Bush stay in the White House for a second term. It seems that the PSYOP worked so well that they have decided to repeat it.

One of the most unexplainable things about American gays is their desire to get married in a country where less and less heterosexual couples are getting married and the institution of marriage is in decline. Another is that this great desire usually flashes a few months before a major presidential election where the CFR conspirators have decided to get a Republican puppet elected, and quickly fades after it.

This does not mean that most gay couples that married or wanted to do it were consciously supporting the PSYOP. On the contrary, I think that most of them were well intentioned and sincerely believed they were trying to exercise a right that had been denied to them.[22] But, like in all psychological warfare operations, the brainwashing works not only in the minds of the target population, but also in the minds of the ones who unknowingly are part of the PSYOP. In he field of intelligence and espionage, the phenomenon is known as people who have been conquered by the enemy’s propaganda. Most gays who rushed to San Francisco’s City Hall to get married played the role of patsies —the necessary useful fools.

In 2004, the CFR conspirators changed their plans to appoint Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States and decided to keep George W. Bush in the White House for 4 more years. But Bush’s disastrous policies had won the dissatisfaction of most of his conservative base in the Republican Party, particularly among Southern Christians. Then, as if on cue, San Francisco gays felt their pre-election uncontrollable need to get married, and all hell broke loose —its flames conveniently fanned by the mainstream media and some CFR-controlled Protestant pastors.

As the result of this Hegelian-type PSYOP, the scared conservatives were duped, and reluctantly chose Bush again as the lesser of two evils.[23] Soon after, the frantic gay-marriage advocates calmed down and dug in back in their holes like cicadas waiting for the next presidential election.

Some gays who were not part of the PSYOP later complained that the gay marriage charade actually gave the victory to George W. Bush. A few months later it was discovered that San Francisco’s pro-gay mayor Gavin Newsom, the man who supported the whole charade, had been a contributor to Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign.

Currently, it seems that Obama’s rush to implement the conspirators’ New World Order as soon as possible has backfired. However, fortunately for us, the American people, Obama unwittingly awakened a sleeping giant. If you don’t believe me, just ask any gun store owner and they will tell you how since Obama moved to the White House their sales have doubled or even tripled.

None other than Zbigniew Brzezinski acknowledged the fact that the conspirators’ plans are failing, and that they are scared of the growing awareness of the masses and the dissidence among their ranks —the rats are the first ones to escape from a sinking ship. Speaking at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting in Montreal in early 2010, he warned that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one-world government.[24]

As a result, it seems that the conspirators have decided to get rid of the present Democratic impostor and move to the White House a Republican traitor with a big can of lube. As it has become customary, the CFR conspirators asked for the support of their good gay friends and the gay marriage cicadas dug out of their holes and began chirping their insufferable noise. On cue, CFR agent Biden expressed his pleasure. A few days later, a reluctant Obama had to bite the bullet and follow his masters’ orders by joining the discordant chorus.[25]

So, now it seems that we previously had a homosexual President who was not gay (at least, not openly), who has been replaced by a gay Impostor who is not homosexual (at least, not openly).

The frustration reflected in Obama’s face when he took the fateful step of telling the American people his approval of gay marriage was because he was fully aware that, by doing so, he had terminated with extreme prejudice his plans to stay four more years in the White House stealing our money and amassing his growing fortune. It is not by chance that, coinciding with Obama’s admission of support for gay marriage, some damaging information about his true place of birth mysteriously surfaced. Like “Indian givers,” what the CFR conspirators give, they can take back away any time.
In a previous article I mentioned that if Ron Paul decides not to run as an independent, our best choice would be voting for Obama. This seems anti-intuitive; so let me explain why I think so.[26]

First of all, nobody can accuse me of being pro-Obama, much less liberal or Democrat. Even before he was selected by the CFR conspirators at the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, in 2008, I expressed my dislike for the guy — the same way I have expressed my dislike for George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. Actually, I don’t like politicians, period. None of them.

But, as a matter of principle, I think that our best strategy is to do everything the conspirators don’t want, and it has become evident that the CFR conspirators don’t want Obama in the White House for a second term. As they expected, as soon as they forced Obama to declare his support for gay marriage he automatically lost a large part of the Mexican vote (I don’t call it the Hispanic vote because some Hispanics, like the Cubans and the Venezuelans, never voted for Obama) and, not surprisingly, he also lost a large part of the Black votes.[27] Just a few hours after Obama declared his gayness, his possibilities of getting a second term vanished — which means that the CFR-generated gay marriage PsyOps worked — first time to give Bush a second term, now to guarantee that Obama doesn’t get one.[28]

Obviously, a second Obama term is not part of the CFR conspirators’ plans to keep screwing us softly with their song. They want to put the awakening giant to sleep again. Therefore, we should do anything in our hands to make their plans fail miserably. A Republican puppet in the White House will be soporific for the American people, and will send down the drain most of the awakened consciousness Obama has unwittingly help develop. But just the specter of four more years of the Impostor in the White House will awake even the most reluctant Americans, except the most died-in-the-wool Repucrats.

The CFR conspirators are fully aware of this. That’s why they have decided to do a strategic retreat and install a Republican in the White House to put Americans to sleep again. By the way, except for his alleged lack of support for gay marriage, Romney will be the seamless continuation of the Bush-Clinton-Bush II-Obama’s policies — which are actually the CFR conspirators’ policies.

The time has come to unmask the gay movement and show what it really is: a political movement hiding behind the cover of a social one. At most, homosexuals comprise less than 10 percent of the American population. Of these ten percent, probably less than 1 percent wants to get married. But the gay movement, in cahoots with the reactionary CFR conspirators, has been using gay marriage as a political tool in a scare PSYOP to influence presidential elections and politics in the U.S
Initially, the main interventionist tool the CFR conspirators had to control the policies of other countries was the U.S. Marines. Later, they resorted to more subtle tools, like the Peace Corps. It seems that now the interventionist tool of choice is the gay movement, which they plan to use as a fifth column to influence the policies of foreign countries. This is why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a senior CFR agent, just recently declared that the U.S. would only provide aid to countries that support “gay rights.”[29]

Despite their claims, the gay movement leaders do not care for the rights of homosexuals in the U.S., much less abroad. Actually, they are using homosexuals as pawns to advance their agenda and the globalization plans of their CFR masters in a dirty political game.

Granted, any group in this country has the right to express its political ideas and fight for its political goals. What is disingenuous and dishonest, though, is hiding these political aims behind a cover of a social one, and using terms like “homophobic” to discredit their political opponents. If a particular pressure group wants to play the political game, that’s okay, but they must play by the rules or get out of the game.

The American gay movement paints itself as liberal, progressive and socially conscious. Actually, however, it is a secret tool of the Council on Foreign Relations, probably the most reactionary organization in America, where oil magnates, Wall Street bankers and CEOs of transnational corporations conspire to bring about the communo-fascist society they euphemistically call the New World Order.[30] This explains why nowhere in the gay literature one can find a condemnation of the tyranny the NWO conspirators are pushing upon the American people and the peoples of the world — including homosexuals. This also explains why you don’t see any rainbow flags among Bilderberg meetings protesters.

The time has come to call the gay movement’s bluff, get it out of the social closet where it doesn’t belong and expose it for what it really is: a reactionary political movement.[31] And this should not be construed as an act of gayphobia,[32] but as the necessary unmasking of a bunch of political opportunists.


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[32] I don’t fear homosexuals, much less I feel an irrational fear of them (homophobia). But, given their record in Nazi Germany and Castro’s Cuba, I do fear gays because they have proved to be very dangerous. And I think that effeminate homosexuals should fear them even more than I do.


Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban-born American writer, semiologist and intelligence analyst. He has written books, essays and articles on Latin American history, intelligence, espionage, and semiotics. Servando is the author of Historia herética de la revolución fidelista, The Secret Fidel Castro, The Nuclear Deception and La madre de todas las conspiraciones, all available at

He also hosted the documentaries Treason in America: The Council on Foreign Relations and Partners in Treason: The CFR-CIA-Castro Connection, produced by Xzault Media Group of San Leandro, California, both available at the author's site at

His book, Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People appeared in late 2010 and is available at Or download a .pdf copy of the book you can read on your computer or i-Pad. His book, OBAMANIA: The New Puppet and His Masters, is available at

Servando's new book (in Spanish) La CIA, Fidel Castro, el Bogotazo y el Nuevo Orden Mundial, just appeared, and is available at and other bookstores online. He is already working on his next book, The Council on Foreign Relations and the Betrayal of the American People: A Chronology of Treason, which he plans to have ready by the end of this year.




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