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Obama: Transparency, Invisibility, or Treason?


"This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long - We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

-- David Rockefeller, speaking at the
UN Business Council, Sept. 14, 1994.


One of the most reassuring promises made by candidate Obama was his pledge for transparency in government. Contrary to the previous administration, where secrecy and concealment from public view was the norm, the Obama administration, he promised over and over, was going to have no secrets hidden from the American people. But, just in a very short time, his promises seem to have fallen short of reality.

First, we have the legitimate concern of many Americans about the true place of birth and nationality of the new tenant in the White House. Far from transparency, the persons who have tried to take a look at the documents have found a stonewall of concealment and invisibility over his records. Several lawsuits have being filed against him demanding he shows the proof of his eligibility for the U.S. Presidency as explicitly required by the Constitution. According to the persons filing the suits, Mr. Obama does not meet the "natural born citizen" clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, which reads, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President."

But, despite all efforts, Mr. Obama has not provided the documentary evidence that would easily prove, once and for all, that he is a citizen of the United States of America by birth. Instead, he has hired three law firms and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to evade a judicial review and avoid showing his birth certificate documents.

Suspicions about a conspiracy to deceive the American public have been fueled by the fact that, as early as April 10, 2008, a senate bill (S. Res. 511) was introduced, allegedly to support Sen. McCain's legal right to be President of the U.S -- he was born in a U.S. military base in Panama. But, aside from the fact that McCain's right has never been an issue and Mr. Obama's eligibility problem had not surfaced at the time, the senate bill was introduced by several senators, among them Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama himself.

Second, we have the issue of his true identity. Is Mr. Obama who he claims to be, or is his true name Barry Soetoro? Documents posted in the Internet, which Obama has never refuted, show a facsimile of his enrollment records when he attended the Catholic school St. Fransiskus Assisis, in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he was registered as Barry Soetoro, and his religion as Muslim. Again, Mr. Obama has ignored the accusations over this important issue.

Finally, we have the problem of his oath of office. As witnessed by millions of Americans, Mr. Obama failed to repeat faithfully, as required by law, the wording of the oath. After ignoring the issue for a whole day, and faced with growing concerns over whether the president had been sworn properly according to the law, he decided to give it a second try. And here comes the strangest thing.

Despite his promises of transparency, Mr. Obama allegedly took the oath for a second time at the White House's Map Room, at 7:35 p.m. And I said allegedly, because the ceremony not only was not announced until it was completed, but also no sound or filmed record of it exists. And there is no record because the president and his staff, on purpose, left out the accredited White House press and impartial witnesses out. (Jeff Zeleny, "I Really Do Swear, Faithfully: Obama and Roberts Try Again," New York Times, Jan. 22, 209, p. 1)

The only official record made public is a still photo of the ceremony that allegedly took place, taken by the White House's official photographer. But it is obvious that a still photo cannot be used in a court of law as factual evidence to prove the occurrence of an event of which, for lack of appropriate impartial witnesses, only a sound recording, or, even better, a film or video recording, can fully certify.

So, while about two million people watched the first swearing-in, which was invalid because it violated the rules clearly established by the Constitution, the second one, who was supposed to be the real thing, was hidden from the American people following direct orders from the transparency man in the White House. Consequently, we have to take as legal proof the word of a politician -- the alleged president -- who, like all politicians, is a professional liar, and the word of the other nine people present, all of them employees of the alleged president and, therefore, whose word cannot be taken for granted because of an obvious conflict of interests.

Next day -- just one day after Obama pledged "a new era of openness" in government --, White House press Secretary Robert Gibbs took the heat from the reporters for excluding accredited photographers, tv cameras and a radio reporter from Obama's second try. Gibbs' unconvincing explanation was that a photo taken by a government photographer "provide(d) the documentation as exactly what happened." (Mimi Hall, "Spokesman encounters some bumps in first briefing," USA TODAY, Jan. 23, 2009, p. 6A.)

So much for the promises of a change to transparency by the new administration.

But these are not the only obscure things about the candidate that promised transparency and clarity to the American voters.

If one is to believe the sycophantic press, we now have in the White House the first black president in the history of the United States. But this claim is highly disingenuous. Aside from the fact that Bill Clinton has claimed that honor for many years, and most African-American leaders accepted it at face value, Mr. Obama is not black.

Though his father was black, his mother was Caucasian. Therefore, he is actually a mulatto. And I would bet that, at the bottom of his heart, he is not too happy about being called black. In most countries mulattos feel offended when somebody calls them blacks.

Actually, the U.S. is the only country in the world where a person who carries a single black gene in his body is called black. You don't need to be a genius to realize that this is a racist concept created and used in a pejorative way by white racists. Unfortunately, American blacks made it theirs.

Moreover, despite claims to the contrary, Mr. Obama is not an African-American.

The qualification of African-American is applied to citizens of the United States who have origins in the black peoples of Africa. But not all American blacks feel comfortable with the name, among other things because, as black American scholar Nathan Huggins has pointed out, the "identity" of black Africans is a fiction created by European whites. Actually, most so called "Africans" don't feel themselves as belonging to a particular geographic area, mush less a continent, but to a particular tribe, like Ashanti, Watusi, etc. That perhaps explains why the Black Panthers rightly refused the denomination "African-American", and preferred to call themselves blacks, as evidenced in their assertion that "black is beautiful."

But the adjective "African-American" is more than an ethnographic one: it has strong political connotations. As many African-American militants have pointed out, it expresses pride in their African origins and solidarity with others of the African Diaspora, particularly the ones brought to America as slaves.

By the way, I personally don't see the point of being proud of being the descendants of slaves, and most blacks in Africa don't see it either. A friend of mine who lived in Africa for several years told me that "African-Americans" are not welcomed there. The reason for this is because, contrary to American blacks, blacks in Africa see themselves as the descendants of free men.

Probably they have a point. Ultimately, slavery is a state of mind. A slave is a person who values life more than freedom. People who value life more than freedom are already slaves. Patrick Henry summarized the fact brilliantly when he said, "Give me liberty or give me death."

I believe that the gun-wielding, proud Black Panthers did more to raise the consciousness and morale of American blacks than all the black pacifist movements together. Antonio Maceo, a Cuban general who died in battle fighting the oppressive Spaniards, summarized this state of mind when he said: "You don't beg for your freedoms, but conquer them with the sharp edge of your machete." Maceo, a Cuban national hero, was a descendant of slaves.

This unconscious love of slavery of many "African-American" leaders perhaps explains their love for the white slave master just 60 miles South of the U.S. border. Some day his role as an agent provocateur infiltrating the Black Panthers and other militant black groups and betraying them to his Wall Street masters will be revealed, and his "African-American" friends will be ashamed.

It is also significant that Jesse Jackson, one of the most notable admirers of the Cuban slave master, played a key role in introducing the term "African-American". It was quickly adopted and popularized by the conspirators-controlled mainstream media.

Mr. Obama's ancestors in Kenya were not brought to America as slaves. Actually, there is a remote possibility that some of his ancestors may have been among the blacks in Africa who enriched themselves by making some of their own kin slaves and selling them to the Portuguese and other Europeans. Most of these slaves were acquired through intertribal wars or simple kidnappings.

So, even though we don't know what Mr. Obama's true name is, or if he is an American citizen by birth or not, or if he actually took the oath as specified by the Constitution to be sworn as the 44th President of the United States of America, we know for sure that he is neither black nor an "African-American".

So much for the color of Mr. Obama's skin.

But what about the content of his character?

There are many things about Mr. Obama that we don't know, and he doesn't seem eager to let us know. But, despite all his efforts to muddying the waters, we can infer the content of his character by looking at his actions, which tell us much more than his words.

One thing that has become evident in the few weeks he has been living in the White House as the alleged president of the United States, is that, contrary to wrong expectations of both the religious right and the religious left, he is not a liberal, much less a leftist. Candidate Obama, who promised change above all, has already appointed for high-level positions of his administration a large group of the same old, corrupt politicians, who have plagued previous administrations of both factions of the Repucratic party during the last fifty years.

So, one conclusion we can arrive at with a high degree of certainty is that Mr. Obama is not on the side of the poor and the worker, but of the rich and the leisure class.

But, what about the promised change?

Well, if there is any change at all, it will be because it seems that he is on the way to appointing even more members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) than previous administrations. Given the large number of them in the previous three, we have to recognize this as a real feat.

If you are one the many Americans who still get your daily ration of (dis)information through the tv networks and the mainstream press, and consequently doesn't know what the CFR is, I will give you a short briefing to put you up to speed. The Council on Foreign Relations, with headquarters at the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan, is perhaps the most anti-American organization in the world. It agglutinates a small group of corrupt and treacherous Wall Street bankers and lawyers, oil magnates, and CEOs of transnational corporations, surrounded by a larger group of ass kissers and opportunists of all walks of life, who secretly and actively conspire to destroy America and eventually control the world.

This corrupt organization has been behind every single act of treason to this country and its people -- ranging from collaborating with the Nazis to betraying the American military. As CFR's mouthpiece Henry Kissinger put it, "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."

The CFR conspirators have managed to infiltrate and control the three branches of the U.S. government as well as most of the mainstream press. Currently, they are in the process of carrying out the final act of high treason: the destruction of this country as we know it, and its fusion with Canada and Mexico into the North American Union as a first step into the American Union -- from Alaska to the Patagonia -- under their control through the coming comuno-fascist society they euphemistically call the "New World Order."

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama is fully under the control of this treacherous organization. This explains why his actions since he grabbed power a few weeks ago -- which are much more revealing than his words -- have only benefited his Wall Street and Big Oil masters. But his treachery is not new. It began some time ago.

During his campaign, Mr. Obama's advisors included Anthony Lake, Susan Rice, William Daley and Daniel Tarullo, all of them CFR members. Other CFR members already recruited by Obama for his administration of "change" are Anthony Lake, Richard Clarke, Ivo Daalder, Dennis Ross, Lawrence Korb, Stephen Flynn, Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers, and the infamous Madeleine Albright.

Even more alarming, Obama's key advisor, manipulating him behind the curtains since the early days of his campaign, and invisible to the American's eyes, is none other than senior CFR member Zbigniew Brzezinski, a neocon "liberal" villain only surpassed in malevolence by CFR member and war criminal, "conservative" Henry Kissinger.

Finally, for those gullible fools who voted for Obama hoping that he was going to oust Bush, Cheney and the nefarious neocons, and cancel their criminal policies, I have an unpleasant surprise.

In his book, The Great Chessboard, published in 1979, Mr. Brzezinski explains his views on international policy, which happen to be even more cynical than the neocon's PNAC manifesto "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century" -- a blueprint of the conspirators' plans for uncontested world hegemony using the U.S. armed forces (paid by us, the American taxpayers) as their own panzer units on a global blitzkrieg to forcefully impose their New World Order upon the peoples of the world. No wonder some people have compared it to Hitler's Mein Kampf. Most of the neo-cons, including their friends Dick Cheney and Condi Rice, are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

But warmongering Bzrezinski makes them look like doves in comparison. Bzrezinski's geostrategic advise to his imperial CFR masters is stark and clear:

"The last decade of the twentieth century has witnessed a tectonic shift in world affairs. For the first time ever, a non-Eurasian power has emerged not only as a key arbiter of Eurasian power relations but also as the world's paramount power. The defeat and collapse of the Soviet Union was the final step in the rapid ascendance of a Western Hemisphere power, the United States, as the sole and, indeed, the first truly global power..."

"Two basic steps are thus required: first, to identify the geostrategically dynamic Eurasian states that have the power to cause a potentially important shift in the international distribution of power and to decipher the central external goals of their respective political elites and the likely consequences of their seeking to attain them;... second, to formulate specific U.S. policies to offset, co-opt, and/or control the above..." (p. 40)

"...To put it in a terminology that harkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together." (p. 40)

"Henceforth, the United States may have to determine how to cope with regional coalitions that seek to push America out of Eurasia, thereby threatening America's status as a global power." (p. 55)

"America is now the only global superpower, and Eurasia is the globe's central arena. Hence, what happens to the distribution of power on the Eurasian continent will be of decisive importance to America's global primacy and to America's historical legacy." (p. 194)

"That puts a premium on maneuver and manipulation in order to prevent the emergence of a hostile coalition that could eventually seek to challenge America's primacy..." (p. 198)

"The most immediate task is to make certain that no state or combination of states gains the capacity to expel the United States from Eurasia or even to diminish significantly its decisive arbitration role." (p. 198)

"For Pakistan, the primary interest is to gain Geostrategic depth through political influence in Afghanistan - and to deny to Iran the exercise of such influence in Afghanistan and Tajikistan - and to benefit eventually from any pipeline construction linking Central Asia with the Arabian Sea." (p. 139)

What Brzezinski does not mention, though, is that all these efforts are actually directed at avoiding that the countries in the mentioned area exploit their natural resources, mainly natural gas and oil, which, by right, belong to the CFR globalists and their partners in crime.

And, exactly as his neocon friends, who in their September 2000 warmongering manifesto "Rebuilding America's Defenses" expressed their hope in the occurrence of a Pearl Harbor-like event to catalyze public opinion in favor of their plans, Bzrezinski expresses his views that:

"Moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multi-cultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat." (p. 211)

"The attitude of the American public toward the external projection of American power has been much more ambivalent. The public supported America's engagement in World War II largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. (p.p. 24-5)

Luckily for Bzrezinski and the neocons, thanks to an extraordinary and fortunate coincidence (coincidence in not a scientific concept) the 9/11 events materialized the Pearl Harbor-like incident they had been craving for.

Caution: keep in mind that when Brzezinski mentions "America's geostrategic interests" he actually means "the interests of the CFR conspirators who have infiltrated and taken control of the American government", that is, the Wall Street bankers and oil magnates. They are the ones who have been using the State Department, the CIA, and the U.S. military to advance their own mean interests, not the interests of the American taxpayers. I don't think that my next-door neighbor, nor most Americans, for that matter, have any geostrategic interests whatsoever beyond our borders.

But the love between the neocons and Obama is mutual.

Some observers of the political scene have noticed that Bush's neocons are delighted with the new man in the White House. A recent article by Stephen J. Sniegoski, published in the English language edition of the Swiss newspaper Zeit-Fragen, reported that leading figures of the neocon/neonazi cabal -- David Brooks, Richard Perle, Max Boot, Mona Charen and others -- are ecstatic over Obama's appointments. According to Sniegoski, the reason for their happiness is because they don't see any difference between the Obama and the Bush administrations.

But Mr. Sniegoski's conclusions are wrong. Actually, the true reason for this is because Obama and Bush, as well as Brzezinski and the neocons, are puppets manipulated by the very same CFR puppeteers.

Joining the neocon dissonant chorus, pseudo-conservative professional disinformer Rush Limbaugh highly praised the appointment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, and qualified Obama's decision as "brilliant." As a way of payment, Obama publicly criticized Limbaugh, in a subtle effort to strengthen his damaged bona fides vis-à-vis a growing number of his disenchanted listeners, who have growing suspicions that the radio host is not what he claims to be.

In the same fashion, faux-conservative David Horowitz actually scolded concerned conservative activists filing lawsuits regarding Obama's citizenship status. Apparently not because he didn't believe the claims about Obama's illegitimacy, but rather because he has shown his true hawkish nature -- a fact he believes conservatives should appreciate.

Currently the U.S. is in the middle of a growing economic crisis that may be recorded in history as the Greatest Depression. Most Americans are extremely concerned about the outcome of this crisis, which is rapidly expanding to the whole world, and a large number of them are already experiencing its effects.

The main cause of this crisis is that globalization and free trade opened the way for international corporations to cut, under the guise of globalization and free trade, high paid jobs in the U.S. and send them abroad transmogrified into low paid jobs (many Mexican workers in the maquiladoras are paid five dollars . . . a day!). As expected, this has not benefited Americans workers. The ones who have profited enormously are the CEOs and stockholders of these corporations.

Faced with lower incomes, American workers resorted to buy heavily on credit -- initially from their homes' equity, and later from credit cards. As a last resort, most Americans resorted to buy most of their goods at stores like COSCO, Wall Mart, K Mart, and the like. Apparently it never crossed their minds that every time they were buying a product "Made in China" to save a few bucks, they were hammering another nail in America's economy.

Eventually the credit bubble could not expand any more and imploded. Currently, like in a third world country, American workers cannot afford to buy the products they make, or used to make, because they don't earn enough money to buy them. But Mr. Obama's economic measures, allegedly taken to stop the crisis, have been rightly compared to extinguishing a fire by spraying gasoline to it.

A sure way to begin stopping this crisis would be to cancel all globalization and "free trade" agreements like CAFTA, NAFTA, etc., and bring the jobs back to America. But this is something that Mr. Obama's CFR masters will never allow him to do. On the contrary, a compromise in the Senate had been negotiated on the simple base that the so-called stimulus plan include a "Buy American" provision. As expected, Mr. Obama refused. Quietly, the "Buy American" provision was watered down until it practically disappeared.


Exactly the same way as Mr. Bush who, with the support of the religious right and the "conservative" press, betrayed true American conservatives, Mr. Obama, with the support of the religious left and the "liberal" press, already has begun his betrayal of true American liberals. But, despite minor differences, both of them, Obama and Bush, are basically the same thing: useful tools in the hands of the NWO conspirators whose ultimate goal is the destruction of America and its people. And, make no mistake, this is the last battle and it is a battle to death.

So, if doing the same thing expecting different results is a clear symptom of insanity, one may surmise that the man in the White House is a good candidate for commitment to a mental institution. But I don't think Mr. Obama is crazy. If his policies are so similar to the ones implemented by Mr. Bush, it is just because Mr. Obama is getting his marching orders from the same place as Mr. Bush: the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan.

Most people all around the world are extremely concerned about the present economic crisis, but not everybody see it as a bad thing. Actually some globalist conspirators are very happy about it. CFR secret agent Henry Kissinger, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, founder of World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab, French President Nicolas Zarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and other major globalists, see this crisis as a God sent (their God is probably John D. Rockefeller) opportunity to give the final push to the comuno-fascist New World Order.

Though the mainstream press has pushed its version that the present crisis is just the product of greed, foolishness and stupidity, the truth is that it is the result of a carefully conceived plan, put into practice by the globalist conspirators, to justify the creation of a New World Order they envision. But the conspirators, despite all their power and money, are not all-powerful gods and cannot control all the variables of this global game. So, I suggest that We the People give them a taste of their own medicine: let's seize the opportunity this crisis brings us, to defeat the New World Order.


Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban-born American writer. He received his training as a historian at the University of Havana, and has written books, essays, articles, and multimedia on Cuban and Latin American history, intelligence and espionage, semiotics and political satire.

Servando is the author of Historia herética de la revolución fidelista; Fidel Castro para herejes y otros invertebrados, Observando, The Secret Fidel Castro: Deconstructing the Symbol, The Nuclear Deception: Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis, and La madre de todas las conspiraciones: una novela de ideas subversivas. He is currently working on his second novel, Juegos mentales: una novella de guerra psicológica, which deals with the Bogotazo riots and the true origins of the CIA.

His articles have been published in many magazines, newspapers, and Web sites in the U.S. and abroad. As a multimedia developer, Servando authored many computer programs, among them: Hypertext for Beginners, Popol Vuh: An Interactive Text/Graphics Adventure, The Riddle of the Swastika: A Study in Symbolism, and How to Create Your Own Personal Intelligence Agency. His documentary film, Treason in America: The Council on Foreign Relations, the first program of the TruhLies series, appeared in mid 2008. The next program, Partners in Treason: The CFR-CIA-Castro Connection will appear in early 2009.

Servando's web site is at




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