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Parenti is Dead Wrong

--On October 9, 2002, Michael Parenti spoke to several hundred people at the St. Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver, on "Terrorism, Globalization and Conspiracy."
-----In the video, Parenti begins by analizing the one he considers most important of the three: Globalization. According to Parenti, "Globalization is an attempt to extend corporate monopoly control over the entire globe; over every national economy, over every local economy, over every life. I does this by treating international corporative property rights, and international corporative investment rights, as supreme; as taking precedence over all other rights, including our democratic sovereignty.
-----Apparently Parenti does not know that actually globalization is just a tool for the implementation on a global scale of a process of destruction of industrial civilization, resulting in a sort of neo-feudalism, with only two social classes: The hyper rich and the hyper poor.
-----Strangely, this world without sovereign nations and feudal city-states, where the hyperpoor are forced to live just above subsistence levels, is not too different from the aberration Fidel Castro has implemented in Cuba. Paradoxically, Parenti and his Berkelian "progressive" friends are known for their admiration for Castro's policies, which are nothing but a testing ground for the Capitalist conspiracy Parenti claims to oppose.
-----According to Parenti, "Globalization is a future variant of Imperialism." He defines Imperialism as "that system in which the leading dominant elements in one country expropriate the land, the labor, the resources, the capital of the peoples of other countries." Well, I can affirm that at least Fidel Castro is not an imperialist. Though he expropriated the land, the labor, the resources, the capital of the people his country, he never did to the peoples of other countries . . . well, save for a few billions he stole from Angola and other African countries.
-----Parenti proceeds by stating that "Imperialism is an expansionist form of Capitalism." After making the distinction that he is not talking about mom and pop stores, but about "the other ninety percent of the wealth in this world," he launches an anti-capitalist tirade: "I'm talking about the giant finacial institutions, the giant transnational corporations that control the lyon's share of the world's worth, that control the populations and the power of nations."
-----Then Parenti makes a lapidary statement: "You can't talk about Inperialism without talking about Capitalism."
-----An here is where Parenti is dead wrong. Actually, contrary to his beliefs, you can talk about Imperialism without talking about Capitalism, because actually Imperialism, the product of monopolistic Capitalism, is not Capitalism at all, but another form of Socialism -- a system that Parenti and his friends love so much. In fact, most of the evils atributed to Capitalism are not of is own, but the result of socialist, anticapitalist features subreptitiously infiltrated inside Capitalism by the monopolist globalists.
-----Once one discover that the person who affirmed that "Competition is a sin," was not Karl Marx or Vladimir I. Lenin, but John D. Rockefeller, it becomes evident that monopolistic capitalism, is nothing but Socialism in disguise. And you don't have to believe my words. A long time time ago, somebody expressed it with a keen sense of humor.

-- A 1911 St. Louis Post-Dispatch with a cartoon by Robert Minor



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