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Servando is currently available for lectures/interviews on the following subjects:

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Everything you know about the crisis is wrong. There were never nuclear warheads in cuban soil, and the strategic missiles deployed most likely were dummies. See the proof.

The Council on Foreign Relations: Learn who their are, the extent to which they control U.S. foreign and domestic policies, and their true goals.

Fidel Castro : Is Fidel Castro the sworn enemy of the American military-industrial complex and Wall Street bankers, as he claims? You will be surprised when you learn the facts.

The Central Intelligence Agency: Contrary to common lore, the CIA has never fallen under the control of a rogue cabal. Since its creation it has been an organization working against the best interests of the American people.

Castro's Cuba as a Testing Ground for the New World Order: Far from being a failure, Castro's Cuba is a successful social experiment; a testing round for the New World Order. The people who planned the experiment have already began to implement it here in America -- i.e., political correctness was tested in Cuba before its implementation in the U.S.