Castro Develops a New Export Item: Jineteras

When he took control of Cuba in 1959, puritan Fidel Castro pledged to get rid the island of the vices of Capitalism, among them prostitution. One of the first measures of the new regime was the banning of prostitution. Women working in the oldest profession were given the alternative of a government job or the jail. Official Cuban propaganda used to mention the absence of prostitution in the Island as one of the mayor achievements of the Castro regime: the return of a sense of dignity to the Cuban people.

But not any more. After more than 35 years of Castroism, prostitution in Cuba s worse than never before. Despite that prostitution is still a crime, government authorities turn a blind eye on the hundreds of hookers looking for dollar-carrying tourists. And prostitution --male, female, bisexual, trisexual and homosexual-- has become the main hook (no pun intended!) for at- tracting tourists to the impoverish Caribbean island that, before Castro, was known as "The Pearl of the Antilles." Cuban jineteras (street hookers) have become the main tourist attraction in Castro's proletarian paradise. And Fidel is proud of them. He has said that Cuba in the only country in the world where you can find hookers with university degrees.

Though in the 50's Cuba--more specifically Havana--was believed to be a center of lust and vice, the truth is that the image had been crea-ted to lull wealthy Americans looking for strong emotions and adventure. The reality is that, though vices proliferated, Cuba was not too different from France, Italy, the United States or any other part of the "civilized" world.

Most Cubans made a living not out of vice, but the old fashioned way: by working hard. Particularly the urban middle class was a reflection of the prudish Americans. Most vice and prostitution was localized in Havana and Varadero beach, and it catered to Americans. Those were the places where the Mafia (the American Mafia) had their connections and interests, showing the Cubans through their example how to make a fast buck the American way (by screwing everybody and his uncle).

But now, 37 years after Batista flew away, the dirty Gringos were kicked out, and the Mafia had to make a real run for their money, prostitution is so widespread that sexual tourism has become the main item of Cuba's tourist industry and the main source of hard currency (YES! Believe it or not, Castro is craving for dirty American dollars!). In 1994 alone, sex-seeking tourists poured more than 450 million U.S. dollars in Castro's coffers. Official government agencies plan to raise this amount to 1.4 billion dollars in 1995. Prudish, moral Fidel Castro turned out to be a Caribbean HyperGigolo. So much for rescued dignity in Cuba.

The Maximum Pimp Takes Control Over Jineteras

The link at the bottom of this article proves that Fidel Castro's claim of having wiped out prostitution in Cuba is false. In Cuba, the Internet is banned. Only the government, as per recently passed laws, is allowed to operate the Internet, yet this link full of young Cuban women being auctioned off is operated from inside Cuba. Obviously in a country where Cubans are not allowed to acces the Internet, much less to belong to an Internet service, these personnels cannot be individually set up or independent--nothing in Cuba is independent--they must be government operated and authorized.

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